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Atlantis is in full collapse. The transition to New Aachen is too stressful on the government, and the Atlantian Federation is going to become a part of Gebiv. We thank Gebiv greatly for taking this off out hands.

OOC: RL caught up with me, so I'm taking a month long absence. Gebiv is protecting meh lands. I will get them back as soon as school and RL issues are resolved.

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Gebiv fully acknowleges this announcement. All Atlanteans will have fully citizenship and rights. We will await the day when an approved Atlantean government can rule over it's people better than before. They shall have semi-autonomy. (meaning he can RP the region still before independence.)

OOC: Good luck, man.

Edited by Gebiv
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OOC: I wonder why he didn't entrust his land to me.....but then, the Nationalists might get greedy and annex his lands while he's on his absence. -_-:awesome:

Besides, good luck in RL. We'll be waiting with open arms when you come back! :D

IC: Byzantium watches this very, very carefully.

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