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Arizona joins the Union


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Arizona admitted as the Seventh State of the Tahoe Republic

After a lengthy debate, the General Assembly voted 241-21 to admit Arizona as the Seventh State of the Tahoe Republic. In a ceremony at Declaration House in South Lake Tahoe, the site of the initial declaration of the Tahoe Republic by delegates from California, Nevada and Oregon, the newly elected Governor of Arizona, John S. McCain (a member of the National Party) joined President O'Deaghaidh and the other governors: Dino Rossi (N - Washington), William O'Brien (L - Oregon), Arnold Schwarzenegger (N - California), Jim Gibbons (N - Nevada), Butch Otter (N - Idaho), Jon Huntsman (N - Utah) for a celebration.

Arizona was originally the seventh state admitted to the Tahoe Republic after having been a territory from 1875 to 1912, when it was admitted into the Union. During the next 75 years, Arizona saw an influx of immigrants from across North America, giving it a unique status as the only state where non-whites formed more than 10% of the population and Irish-Tahoans formed less than 33% of the population. After a series of political crisises, economic depression and anger towards the federal government in Cruachan, Arizona forced devolution, first becoming a self governing territory for 10 years before unilateraly declaring independence in 2002. After a disastarous two years that saw numerous armed confrontations between the Arizona Militia and Tahoan Military, Arizona was reconquered after Arizonan terrorists launched attacks across southern California. Since its reintegration into Tahoe, it has been a self governing territory pending its admittance back into the Tahoe Republic.

There was some concern over potential violence from extremist anti-Tahoan Arizonan Nationalists, however admirable efforts by the National Police, Military Intelligence and Army cracked down on pro-Republic of Arizona supporters and, in late 2008 Arizona held a plebescite asking voters if they supported independence, continued territorial status or statehood. Pro-statehood voters won with 69% of the vote, with pro-independence voters getting only 7%.

Governor John McCain hailed today as, "The rebirth of Arizona. Like our capitols namesake, Arizona shall rise from the ashes like a Phoenix to rightfully take our place as equal citizens of our great Republic once more."

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Ile de Noir congratulates Tahoe on bringing more stability to their region. We do hope this was the best decision though, we recall the many reports of Communist and terrorist activities that came out of this region before. If the economy suffers a downturn or the people don't integrate well they will probably blame their troubles on Tahoe rather then admit their own culpability.

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