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Improvement Upkeep

Overlord Shinnra

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I am wondering if anyone has the numbers on this. I have never paid much attention to the number as it goes up and I was wondering if someone could tell me how it works.

I don't remember the lower cost thresholds, but after 49 improvements it goes to $3,000/day for each, unless you have discounts.

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11-14 = $750.00

15-19 = $950.00

20-29 = $1200

30-39 = $1500

40-49 = $2000

50+ = $3000

Without: Capitalist, Federal Government, Revolutionary Government, or Transitional. Or Nuclear Power Plant wonder.

You must pay bills on your nation improvements at a starting rate of $500 per day (this figure goes up the more improvements you own.)

Sorry, can't specifically tell you anything before 11, though I wouldn't be surprised if it works out to be 0 Improvements = $0 upkeep, 1-9 @ $500.

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