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So...I just fired a nuke at Norse Republic of GDA, which seemed fine, except that he still has soldiers left which is odd...

Anyway, I decided that mandering of GDA was my next target and went through the process of firing the nuke so it would tell me I couldn't and when, in fact, I could. Oddly however, it allowed me to launch the nuke. But still the soldiers remain.

So I seem to have two problems.

1. The nukes aren't killing the soldiers


2. I can fire more than one every 24 hours...

Edit: I'm talking about TE ... http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_...tion_ID=1000577

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Well, chances are that both targets had deployed soldiers. When the nuke hits, it destroys all defending soldiers but the deployed soldiers come home unharmed. Also you can fire 1 nuke per person per day, not 1 nuke per day. If you were in 6 wars, you could fire 6 nukes as long as they hadn't already been hit by a nuke.

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