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Looking for an alliance!


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Hi, I'm looking for a good alliance to join. My nation's name is Lacedonia and my ruler's name is JCarmody. I would like an alliance that offered some kind of start-up aid........... but its ok if there isn't. Im hard working and loyal and you would not regret bringing me on!

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I know how hard finding an alliance that you like and appreciate is, so here's why I think the Yukon Confederacy might be right for you. I'm not pressuring you to join as an alliance has to fit you, but I hope you'll at least give us a glance.

So, The Yukon Confederacy is the new manifestation of what was once the company. We are in a state of transition at the moment as members witch AA's, but we have government positions, aid, experience, and a fresh new take on the game available.

We have friends in the NpO, IRON, the GR, and are growing steadily.

You can expect aid, camaraderie, activity, and loyalty from our members. Why not come on over and check us out? We can set you up with trade circles and tech deals through our friends abroad as well.


I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Rooivaulk, Chancellor of the Yukon Confederacy

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