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Dictator in search of an Alliance!

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Hi all!

Staufferia is a new country. Ideally I protect my citizens with an Iron fist. That means if they get out of line.... well, that just doesn't happen! However, I believe that as a new nation it would be best to ally myself with other nations. I am looking for other like-minded leaders who have alliances which allow for a few human "rights" violations here and there; and perhaps don't mind if I start flexing my military muscle after I get one built up!

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you are more then welcome in The Alliance of Paladin Soldiers

we are a smaller alliance with 12 members (1 is an iron pow atm) and an average strength of 20,964 at the moment

allthough we are small we have a very active forum where we have lots of fun

we are maroon, but we dont force people to change colour

we are protected by Norden Verein, so we are not a likely target of attacks and if we want we can have all the figthing we want by helping NoV, but that depents what you want for yourself

here is our forum where you can sign up if you want: http://z11.invisionfree.com/TAPS

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