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The Brotherhood of Nod


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So pretty much this charter is a joke - just from the wording and sentence structure, I think a 12-year-old wrote it. Also, plenty of misspellings.

Shame on you for not having a big boy proof read it before posting it up here for everyone to see.

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So pretty much this charter is a joke - just from the wording and sentence structure, I think a 12-year-old wrote it. Also, plenty of misspellings.

Shame on you for not having a big boy proof read it before posting it up here for everyone to see.

I don't see any, want to point some out -_-

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I don't see any, want to point some out -_-



We the undersigned nations of The Brotherhood of NOD agree to the following values when running, *When running what?* commanding, and being members of NOD: Courage, Power, Honesty, Integrity, Valor, Responsibility, Respect, Justice, and Freedom. NOD is a Blue Alliance based of *off of* further the above values.


I. Membership

II. Government

III. Spying

IV. Justice

V. War and Nuclear Weapons

VI. Disbandment

VII. Amendments

Article I. Admission and Membership

All member nations that fill out an application and are in good standing with The Brotherhood will be protected with everything that NOD has. *Sounds childish, consider revision* While a nation is in NOD they may not hold any position in any other alliance.(Except Possible Colonies) *alliance (except possible colonies).*

Article II. Government

NOD’s Government consists of the following hierarchy:

1. Kane

2. Kane's right hand man *consider capitalization*


4. Nodites

1. Kane

Kane has the highest command of NOD. He can Declare *Keep consistency with capitalization - either capitalize all of his powers, or none of them* war, amend the constitution, sign all treaty types, Kane's right hand man, Kane's inner circle, TAC COMM, and anything else in NOD. *Huge grammatical failure - what can he do with these people? Appoint them? Give them orders? What?* In the event of Kane’s absence *Comma goes here* Kane's right hand man will take over command of NOD until Kane returns.

2. Kane's right hand man *consider capitalization*

Kane's right hand man has the 2nd highest command over all of NOD. Kane's right hand man assists the Kane *is it "Kane" or "The Kane"? Keep consistency* in what ever he needs done.

3. TAC Command Abbreviated TAC COMM. Has *It has* a total of 5 positions:

TAC COMM Of Internal Affairs

TAC COMM Of Foreign Affairs


TAC COMM Of The Treasury

TAC COMM Of Recruiting

TAC Commander of Internal Affairs

The TAC Commander of Internal affairs has 1 member and *superfluous, consider removal* deals with all internal affairs in NOD such as:

• Maintains *I would use "maintain" or "maintaining". Same for the following lists* the Academy

• Assigns jobs for Educators

• Keeps a Running list of Nations Rulers in NOD

• Reports Rouges *rouge is "red" in French. I believe the word you are looking for is "rogue".* to the TAC Commander Of War

TAC Commander Of Foreign Affairs

The TAC Commander Of Foreign Affairs job *Awkward wording. I would suggest "duty of the TAC Commander of Foreign Affairs"* is to maintain a diplomatic presence in all alliances NOD has diplomatic ties with. They control all things relating to Foreign affairs *keep consistency with capitalization* Main Jobs:

• Sign TOA, and NAPs without Kane's Approval

• Maintain Diplomatic Presence in Foreign Embassies

• Deal With All Foreign Affairs

• First line of defense in preventing War

• Appoint Ambassadors *keep consistency with capitalization*

TAC Commander of War

The TAC Commander Of War’s job is to maintain NOD’s war programs, keep track of all wars and maintain military readiness. Main Jobs:

• Keep track of Wars in NOD

• Maintain Military Readiness

• Organize military squads and nations*awkward, consider revision*

• Train Educators on War Tactics

TAC Commander Of The Treasury

The TAC Commander Of The Treasury is in charge of all things relating to Economics in NOD, they are in charge of making sure NOD is always economically growing, and does not enter *I would add "into" here* a recession. Main Jobs:

• Set up Member growth programs

• Assign recruitment aid and set *I would use the word "decide" or "determine"* how much is given

• Assign nations to send out War recovery aid (if necessary)

TAC Commander Of Recruiting

The TAC Commander of Recruiting, his job is to keep a constant flow of new members coming into NOD. And then get them on the right path to member enlightenment. *There should not be a period before the word "and". Replace with a comma.*

• Write new recruitment letters

• Assign jobs as Recruiters in NOD

• Recruitment Aid Management

4. Nodites

Nodites are regular members in NOD and are pretty much along for the protection and growth, they can have input on the future of NOD by using telling their council members what they want done. But other then that they can not pass legislature. *Pretty much the funniest part of the whole thing, as it literally does sound as if a child wrote it. Try to use big boy words and explain things clearly and professionally. Also, "than", not "then".* They are NOD’s pride and joy, members that support and want to see NOD thrive. *awkward phrasing* We the people agree to place our marines before personal interests.

Article III. Spying

NOD does not Condone Spying in Any way shape or form, *Capitalization errors.* any nation caught using their nation in NOD to spy on NOD or NOD's allies will be sentenced to Z.I., possibly Perma-Z.I. This goes for NOD also *Comma goes here* NOD does not believe in spying to get information on an enemy alliance. instead NOD will expose them using justified ways. *Technically an error, since it has been proven that two of your members (including your leader, Snipez) have spied on another alliance in the past.

Backing up my claims


Article IV. Justice

NOD does not like rouge *"rogue"* nations or Nations breaking NOD *"nation that break our"* values. NOD takes pride in it’s *"its"* judicial system. NOD’s Judicial system *capitalization errors* is broken into two systems. Felonies, and Misdemeanors. Felonies will be dealt with by Kane, and misdemeanors will be dealt with by Kane's right hand man.

Misdemeanors: Un-approved Attacks, Flaming, Trolling

Felonies: Treason, Aid Embezzlement, Espionage, Identity Theft

Max Penalty for Misdemeanors: $1,000,000 Fine

Max Penalty for Felonies: Perma-Z.I.

Article V. War And Nuclear Weapons

NOD embraces peace between its members and the other nations in the world. It is strictly forbidden to launch unprovoked attacks against nations in alliances. NOD wishes to remain at peace with all other alliances. Development of nuclear weapons is welcomed by the alliance, as they hold high defensive value. If a member of the alliance becomes a victim of an attack, all alliance members should pledge their full military and economic means in defense of the attacked nation. It is against NOD law to aid enemies in times of war; if you do you will be expelled from the alliance. If involved in A War: *capitalization errors* NOD vs. Alliance *comma goes here* NOD will first attempt to reach a peaceful resolution but if that fails we will go to war only if: 1) Another alliance has harmed NOD in any way. 2) Another alliance has declared war on NOD (Aligned) Rogue vs. NOD *this makes no !@#$@#$ sense* If an allied rogue attacks NOD: 1)We will contact the rogue's alliance and ask for reps. 3)If Rogue *"the rogue"* refuses to pay the reps, we will attack the rogue-With *rogue - with"* the agreement of his alliance. 2) If reps are paid, NOD will not take military action. 4) NOD will contact the rogue nation and attempt to reach a peaceful resolution and the rogue will be required to pay reps to NOD. If peaceful methods fail we will attack. *Also, look at that numbering. Fix that.*

Article VI. Disbandment

To officially disband the alliance, (Kane) & (Kane's right hand man) *What's with the parentheses all of a sudden?* must have a majority of 100% in agreement and must give the members a 72hr warning. Once the decision to Disband has been granted, Kane will post this on the OWF on CN to the public. Once the disbandment has happened, all members have 14days to leave their affiliation behind them and seek a new alliance or another alliance has the right to attack all nations in possession of the Affiliation after 14days.

Article VII. Amendments

A thought occurs, by the way - does TORN know that you have such unsavory characters as Snipez and usmarines91 in your alliance? If not, I'm sure they'd love to know all about it... -_-

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What do you mean?

And thanks for showing the errors, I didnt draft it :P

I mean that Snipez and usmarines91 spied on another alliance while they were UNSC, and got their alliance rolled by a coalition consisting of the spied on alliance and her allies. Do you really want those kind of people leading your alliance? And I must assume that TORN leadership doesn't know about this, otherwise I doubt they would be protecting BoN, as TORN are much smarter than that.

Edited by Duce Giordani
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Well I talked with him and he has stopped a long time ago and hes a good person.

But I appreciate you caring for me :)

If anything comes up ill tell the CN world.

Good man.

I kust don't want to see any innocent nations wrecked because of some dick move by Snipez.

Good luck.

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