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Jason Salovsky

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so... I bought like 300 soldiers, another 10CMs, and 40 levels of infra, along with 7m of land (approx.)

when i started, i had around 4800 NS (dont laugh) and when i was done, it was down to about 3600. How did this happen?

another thing (becuz i dont wanna start a whole new thread):

if your sig is "fixed" does that mean you can't like ever have a sig again?

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i know right? maybe this should be moved to bugs... because the only reason i went all-out was to bring my NS up to 5K.

What thedestro has been saying is according to your charts, yesterday on 1/21 your NS was 3498 and today your charts show your NS as 3723 which seems to be in keeping with your stated purchases. So what he's saying is the only way your nation could have been at 4800 NS was sometime today you boosted your score from 3498 to 4800, and then deleted/sold items to let it drop back to 3723. Or you could have misread your NS dropping the 3 and thinking you were closer to 5k than you were. Which seems the most plausible?

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