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I am looking for as many sellers as I can get to sell some nations tech. Most are MHA, if you sell to them you get protection from raids. WAIT!!! Theres more! If you complete 2 1x1x1s every month you get 3 million every 10 days in bonus aid!!! Post here with your ruler name and your nation link to sign up, I will pm you in game with a buyer who will start the deal. Deals repeat if possible.

Seller List and number of deals:

1. alabamabob-1 deal

2. freakwars-3 deals (elegible for aid after first 50 tech sent, in 11 days)

3. big daddy-3 deals (elegible for aid after first 50 tech sent, in 11 days)

All sellers have been placed. You should get money for the tech soon.

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