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What is Team United Xenomorph?

Fisher X

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If you paid close attention to the leader board at the beginning of Round 3, you would have noticed an alliance called Team United Xenomorph (TUX). TUX was only ten nations, but had the highest Average Nation Strength. “Team United” representing a highly coordinated and active alliance, and “Xenomorph” of Aliens origin for strange or alien form.

Then, TUX morphed and were simply gone. Gone into Genesis. Genesis became a small, but high average NS alliance.

This Round has become a web of MDPs, MAoDP, NAP, and ABCDEs. In the spirit of fun and to keep things interesting, it’s time for TUX to morph again.

TUX thanks Genesis, and welcomes all members to join TUX in the next morph. We will show you the special button to click ;-)

Lafayette Escadrille (LE) is an alliance that shares our Team United approach to CN:TE. They learned of our approach early in the Round when they experienced first-hand an update blitz we performed on them. After the blitz, their leader this Round (Hat in the Ring aka daddyAGW) negotiated an end to the blitz, without seeking the last attack, and protected his alliance NS. I think it took six PMs in the game and about 10 minutes! As it turned out, we even have become friends with great respect for each other. We have much in common, including alliances with RL friends, gaming groups outside of CN, and respect for strong air power!

Their alliance name pays homage to American volunteer Fighter pilots fighting in WWI that fought under the colors of the French in the War. Today, we pay homage to Lafayette Escadrille in this Round with our coming morph, the second of this round. Will it be the final? I guess six weeks will tell…


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What i know of Genesis, I know from Fisher. Both he and his merged AA are pretty cool guys!

He is the reason I actually signed the MADP with Genesis, as he is a pretty honorable guy.

I can only say that he is a good addition to LE, whom I also recently learned were pretty cool guys!

GOOD LUCK and Congrats guys!!


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