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Ice Cream is going to save the day!


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For many a year Ice Cream has been keeping our mouth watering, our bodies cool and our tummies satisfied. Well today we pay tribute to the god-like food that is Ice Cream.

Announcing Ice Cream!

Our consitution:


Grand Flavour: Tyrant of the alliance, he or she has the final say over anything to do with the alliance. The Grand Flavour can appoint/unappoint any lesser flavour at his or her's will.

The Neapolitan: Deputy to the Grand Flavour, he or she helps out with all matters relating to the alliance and advises the Grand Flavour when appropriate.

Chocolate Flavour: Chocolate flavour is in charge of matters relating to defense and war.

Vanilla Flavour: Vanilla Flavour is in charge of matters relating to nation building, finance and recruitment.

Strawberry Flavour: Strawberry Flavour is in charge of matters relating to foreign affairs.

-General Policies-

- Don't declare war or Spy on any nations with an alliance. None/NONE and other variations of this name are not considered an alliance, attack at will.

- Remain respectful to all fellow players.

And to top things off a MDP with TPF:

The "Ice Cream wont melt in the fire!" Pact of Mutual Defense between TPF and Ice Cream.

Acticle Yogut:

Both alliances agree that being mean is well..... just plain mean, so they promise not to throw snow cones at eachother.

Acticle Sorbet:

Ice Cream and TPF both agree that if the heat light is turned on in either of their rooms, the other will come running to their aid with icecubes.

Acticle Gelato:

If either alliance isn't feeling the love anymore, they will give the other a little notification, thus begining a 48 grace period.


The Phoenix Federation:

- youwish959

Ice Cream:

The Grand Flavour: Cool Fruit Flavour

The Neopolitan: Sobiut

We have forums, but they are pretty much for members and applicats only.

Here :)

And our public IRC channel is #Icecream on Coldfront.

Have a tasty day everyone :ehm:

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5 replies? What is this!!!

P.s. It's not sparta :P

LOL, well there is something more dramatic going on right now.....Most of the planet steve is watching the conflict between the black team.

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Be it known to all that Ice Cream, in response to multiple tech raids against their alliance, has asked for Fark's assistance in this matter.

Fark hereby activates their MDAP with Ice Cream.

Any nation raiding Ice Cream, is now considered to be raiding Fark.

First, and foremost, you should expect to be counter-attacked by the defending nation before any peace is accepted!

Second, if the raiding nation is from an alliance treatied to Fark, you will get a PM asking you to peace out with Ice Cream immediately, and a PM will be sent to your alliance leaders. If no peace is offered within 24 hours, Fark will assist Ice Cream in counter-attacking you.

Third, if the raiding nation is from an alliance NOT treatied with Fark, it's open season! You can (and should) expect to be counter-attacked at any time by either Ice Cream or Fark. Furthermore, any escalations at that point may be considered an act of War!

Docus Maximus, Fark Triumvir of Beer!

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