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Purple Trade Circle


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This is designed as a long term trade circle for the purple sphere only. Only sign up if you have the necessary resources.

Lead - Kencojenko

Cattle - Kencojenko

Fish -

Iron - Hlaine Larkin

Marble - yayo01

Pigs - Bis

Sugar - yayo01

Spices - Hlaine Larkin

Aluminium - Jefferson Steelflex

Lumber -

Water - Bis

Wheat - Jefferson Steelflex

Bonus Resources

Fast Food




Reply to this thread only.

Messaging in-game will likely be ignored.

First come first serve.

Should message current trade partners if you are accepted into the circle and notify them that you are dropping trades.

Active sign-ups only.


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I have Fur & Marble also a solid trading partner with Gold and Lumber. I am in need of new trading partners my other 4 all seem to have quit the game and I am running out of time to find replacements.

I'm still fairly new to the game but do plan on being here for the long run.


Please send message with trade offer, I'm holding on to the quitters as long as I can until replacements are found. Thanks in advance, Thom

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I understand, my goal in posting here is mainly to find others who are not in line with the trade circles, however for those looking fur is good for $3.50 income increase and marble is 10% reduction in infra which in the long run is huge seeing how much it takes to grow a nation.

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Iron and Spices here, give me a time to have the slots open by when we've found everyone. I want to maximize the trades I have currently before just scrapping them all for a circle that might not get it's last two members.

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Kenko, I searched for fish and lumber, and sent a private message to Land of the Irish and AB Nation, asking if they would like to join this circle. They both have open trade slots. There are only six purple nations with both fish and lumber, so far as I can tell. I hope I haven't overstepped my limits, but I would really like to have this circle, so please, if I have, please forgive me :D

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