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Two topics in one :o


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The first one is:

Dear citizens and alliances of Planet Steve,

I have realized that I have bad blood with you guys. If you guys would like to speak to me and resolve this bad blood or curse me out go to either #CNTE or #murderinc .

Second and more important announcement is:

Who wants to do a one on one? This game is all about fighting people now post here if you guys want to attack a player because of a grudge, friendly comp., or if you just want to fight someone.

Ground attacks only unless approved of by both nations

That's all more to come later tonight from your favorite attention whore in TE.

And it was all his ( V ) idea so if you don't like it go yell at him

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Anyone else of the mind that a TE-based 'Colosseum' would be ridiculously awesome? You take those one-on-one grudge matches, pay the winner, possibly run a few bets...

Even better! I thought this would be great to just keep things clean and learn those who don't know war all that well, but betting CN cash and or tech,

thats just plain awesome! lol!


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