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Looking for an alliance

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Just b/c he is an enemy dose not mean you dont show him respect.

Quoted for Truth...now can we just use this thre\a\d for posting recruitment requests for KingCh\a\rles to decide on the correct \A\lli\a\nce for him?

If you require \a\ ch\a\ll\a\nge, join \a\, yet if you w\a\nt \a\ decent \a\lli\a\nce, I would recommend Spetsn\a\z, for they re\a\lly \a\re gr\e\at guys.

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Ye back on track, and anyway why point to another alliance that attacked you? I wouldn't but that's me. Any of the alliances that have tried to recruit you here are good ones. All i can say is take time to look into them and question them if needs be.

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I would recommend United Nations, we are protected by the United White.

We have no forums or boards so there is no apps to fill in.

And you will not have to worry about tech raiders as they can't touch us while we are protected by United White.

So just simply set your AA to United Nations

Trust me its worth it


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I think that the best choice here is Orbit Black. Those other alliances are great, don't get me wrong, but I think that you would enjoy Orbit Black. We offer great trades, defense, and organization. If you wish to join, just visit our forums. z13.invisionfree.com/Orbit_Black_CN/

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