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POWER, which stands for Protection Order of Warrior Elite Republics, is a military based nations, founded by multiple nations. The purpose of POWER, is to not be like the other, larger alliances, but have stronger ties with each other, and always be there when another nation is in need. POWER focuses on the military strength of it’s’ nations and makes its profits through tech deals, trades, and raiding. POWER is more of an alliance, where everyone knows each other, rather than just trying to recruit. Also, POWER is an open alliance, which means anyone can apply, and they are encouraged to.

Table of Contents

I: Membership

II: Standard of Behavior and Conduct

III: Elections and Government positions

IV: War and Defense

V: Amendments

I: Membership

A.To become a full pledged member of POWER, one must first fill out an application and post it in their own thread. The application form is as follows:

Nation Name:

Nation Ruler:

Nation Link:


Who recruited you:

Reason for joining:

Team Color:

B. The Minister of Power and any other Minister has the ability to suspend an account for a certain amount of time. They can do this if a member does not follow the rules of the alliance, or fails to meet the requirements of their military division(after being repeatedly reminded).

C. Once a member is accepted into POWER, if they are under 5,000 nation strength, that nation is required to complete the Skola, POWER’s education system. There are 7 tests a Skola student must complete to become a full member of POWER. These are the tests:

1. Forum Test

2. Bank Test

3. Improvement Test

4. Trade Test

5. Tech Dealing Test

6. Military Test

7.Sacred Oath-stop at #6 if you value your infra more than your honor... :jihad:

Each test focuses on a important and crucial part of Cybernations, and POWER. Once the student completes these tests, they have all the rights of a true member of POWER. Also, the tests show how much a nation is ready to devote to POWER.

II: Code of Conduct

A. Every nation in POWER must remain, polite, respectful, and courteous whenever dealing with any alliance matters. This includes: forums, PM’s, elections, tech deals, trades and anything else. Each nation represents POWER, and if they screw up, everyone else is impacted. Remember, all your actions have an effect.

B. Every nation, is expected to refrain from the use of profane language, and ‘internet’ talk, a.k.a lol, lmao, 133t. This is an alliance of respect, and POWER does not need messages they cannot translate.

C. Every topic, thread and reply on the forums must be relevant to Cybernations, or the topic being discussed. Please do not post auctions on non related item such as iPods, computers, etc..

D.POWER Code of Conduct:

"An Officer and a Gentleman." It is a military oath that holds great meaning. It is something I want all Captains to live by.

1. An Officer. - Fight your forces with skill, courage, and tenacity. - Fight always with the greater aim of victory, not personal gain or glory. - Retreat only when all means of harming the enemy have been exhausted. - Follow Tactical Orders to the letter.

2. A Gentleman. - Always strive to uphold your personal honor and the honor of your squadron. - Do not complain needlessly. The greater the odds, the greater the victory. - Strive to learn from those more skilled than you, and strive to teach those less skilled. - Be gracious in victory and dignified in defeat. Character and Competence; our goal is not only to be feared, but to be respected.

III: Government Elections

A. The position of Minister of Power, is the highest rank in POWER. This seat is never elected, but changes when the holder steps down, and passes it on to their choice. All other Minister positions are elected every 6 months. Elections are held through the poll option on the forums. Tumerz, CapitalC or Stonewall will be the only ones started these threads, all others are fake, unless told so.

B. Minister of Military: Handles all aspects of military. All tech raid requests and attack requests are directed to them. Moderates Military Forum.

C. Minister of Foreign Affairs: Handles all deals with diplomats. Diplomatic requests are directed to them. Moderates Diplomatic Halls subforum.

D. Minister of Internal Affairs: Handles all problems inside the alliance. Moderates most forums except for Military and Diplomatic Halls.

E. Minister of Finance: Handles all alliance money, and directs where money is spent. Responsible for treasury.

F. Minister of Enlightenment: Handles all incoming members. In charge of recruiting new members.Handles CN forums Foreign Affairs..

IV: War and Defense

A.Each nation has military requirements according to their nation strength. This is so in the event of an alliance war, POWER is ready to retaliate and win. All nations are required to come to the aid Every member has certain requirements that must be fulfilled. This is so in the event of an of all Ministers and fellow nations in war. If one fails to give military aid, they can be indefinitely suspended.

B.POWER does not allow it’s nations to attack with free will. Each nation must fillout a request form for attacking, and tech raiding.

C.In the event that one is attacked, they are given the privilege to retaliate, and then they are required to report it on the forums to a Minister. Then, aid from other nations will come as long as foreign aid slots are open.

D.A Nuclear Attack is allowed in the event of voting. At least 4 out of the

7 Ministers must vote yes to enable the attack to commence.

V: Amendments:

A.The charter is subject to change in the event that it is necessary to change. The change must then be passes in a voting. There must be a majority vote among the Ministers for this to happen.

FEAR is a multi colored alliance and will be moving to Aqua sphere soon but all colors are always welcome as long as they don't mind high body counts because POWER is dangerous... :lol:

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