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As a two year member of CyberNations and an experienced player/politician on Planet Bob, I have decided to leave my current alliance which is in turmoil and terror, and found a new one with my longtime friend, tp71the2nd. Our new alliance is named Glorion.

Come Join Today!

There are many political positions open for those experienced players who wish to have a voice and wish to put forth ideas on how to make an alliance into a large powerhouse. I am offering 500,000K per recruit upon entry, or 750,000K upon entry if you're at least 6 months old AND willing to take an active political office for a considerable time.

My/tp71the2nd's experience and history:

- Joined the game almost exactly 2 years ago

- Founded and grew an alliance called the First Union to over 30 members in less than a month, with no game experience whatsoever

- Went on to merge with another alliance and continued our political careers as Secretaries of the Treasury and general statesmen in the First United Council.

- The the President of the F.U.C decided to merge again, we continued our extremely active political career in the September, 2008-formed United Foundation, both serving as Secretary of the Treasury (tp71the2nd) and myself winning the Presidency of the alliance.

- As of late, the former leadership of the alliance has launched a massive coup d'etat campaign against us, and the alliance has been torn to shreds by our ruthless political enemies. We decided to prevent further damage and leave the alliance to once again start a clean slate and form our own new alliance.


Come start something great with us!

P.S. PM me in game (Ruler/User Tantonus) or PM in game to (Ruler name) tp71the2nd.

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