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3x3 tech deal, repeats if desired

maxwell little

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Buyer 1: Maxwell Little


Buyer 2: Ragwing (Link screwed up, click on the one in the post below.)


Buyer 3: LordAtum


Seller 1: Esox Lucius


Seller 2: livercooler


Seller 3: Helioununs


Buyer 1 sends 3 million to Seller 1

Buyer 2 sends 3 million to Seller 2

Buyer 3 sends 3 million to Seller 3

Seller 1 sends 50 tech each to Buyers 2 and 3

Seller 2 sends 50 tech each to Buyers 1 and 3

Seller 3 sends 50 tech each to Buyers 1 and 2

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It's seems like everyone except for livercooler has answered in this topic that they're willing to to do a repeat. Has anyone contacted livercooler to see if he's interested in a repeat? Literacy rate at 99.64%, so I need more tech. :P

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Had stuff to do today, so I am sending tech after this post. <_<

EDIT: ...


...dang. Now I'll be at most two days behind for my aid slots. (That's if I don't use my 4th one, which was used for alliance purposes on the 17th.) Assuming the buyer I sent tech to first accepts the offer today or tomorrow...

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