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An Unrighteously White Christmas


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An Unrighteously White Christmas...

During a practise session the rodents were conducting; a loud explosion interrupted their carole singing. Arcticllama, Head Lemming and CEO of Rodentia Dominatus called his XO in and issued orders:

"Wolf, get the Force Recon Hamsters out there and see what the heck is going on, interruptions at this time of year are bad for the holidays."

"Yes sir, ermmm I mean Head Lemming....ummm Boss" The wolf headed out the door issuing his own orders to his Hamster forces; shortly there was much scurrying nearly everywhere on the planet.

Some time later reports came in from the Recon units indicating that apparently some individuals were attempting to Unrighteously prevent a White Christmas from occuring.

"This is intolerable", Arcicllama stated. "A White Christmas is traditional, without it we would have rampant Global Warming. Issue the call, wolf, we must do something to help rectify the situation."

Thus orders were issued, from across the various lands forces gathered; Lemming Paratroopers practised thier cries of "Look! No Chute!", the squirrels loaded thier sling shots with petrified acorns, the hamsters set aside thier Santa hats and loaded up on sunflower seeds and readied thier narwhale catapults...Lumberjack Commandos wandered in from the outlying areas. The ferrets seemed to be missing, but, the others knew better for they (the ferrets) were well known for thier stealth abilities and inability to avoid taking sidetrips to just play. They would show up eventually.

Final preparations were made; and with that, the march into battle to help save a White Christmas began....


Pursuant to:

Article I.

United White and Rodentia Dominatus will never go to war against each other. In fact, our mutual love extends far enough that we will defend each other if a third party is silly enough to attack either of us.

Rodentia Dominatus declares war on The Unrighteous Fist

Hell, we took on IDIOT with only 3....109 to 9? Ain't no thing. 'Sides, a White Christmas is traditional :)

o/ United White

Cordially yours,

Arcticllama of Lemming Workshop, CEO

About Lemming Workshop: Jingle Lemmings, Jingle Lemmings, Jingle all the wayAIEEEEEEE!!! Porcupines, are our friends, happy quilling day!

Strykewolf of Santas Hamsters, XO

About Santas Hamsters: Beware Santa's Little Hamsters...They know when you are sleeping and when you are awake. They don't really care if you've been bad or good...Just run for goodness sake... :)

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But it is interesting to try to decypher his meaning...let's see if I could translate..UW we are here to ensure a victory over MI and their allies..

I think that just about sums it up.

o/Rodentia Dominatus

Great allies

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