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Airport dilapidation event bug


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I got the following event:

Our nation's airport is becoming dilapidated and crowded. The developers have asked for a government sponsored renovation and expansion project.

Option 1: Build a new airstrip and update the terminal. Land area -5%, Citizen count +1%.

Option 2: Renovate the airport but do not expand the terminal. Citizen income +$1.00.

No response: Population happiness -3.

After choosing option 1, I lost 5% of my land, but my population remained unchanged (excepting alterations due to new land amount).

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This has been posted several times before:




without any response from admin so far. I figure why look a gift horse in the mouth, so I'm not making a big deal about it.

In addition to population, the bug also affects the 2:1 infra:land ratio environment bonus. Your post-event land area is used for the population density happiness bonus though (I *think*, I got this information from another nation and haven't verified it myself). So basically unless you're dangerously close to 70/120 population density these land events don't hurt you at all.

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None of those bug reports mention the fact that the POPULATION INCREASE promised by the event didn't happen, either.

I expected to lose a bit of pop from losing land (which doesn't seem to have happened), but the bug I was reporting is that the population increase of 1% the event promised didn't happen, either.

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Ah, sorry. I obviously didn't read you post closely enough.

Are you sure you didn't get the +1% citizens? You citizen count actually looks dead-on to me. Assuming nothing else has changed in your nation it should have been ~29,188 before the event, and ~29,481 after (which it is).

BTW - set your government position on nuclear research to the "we oppose all research" option. It'll improve your environment

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