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Montevalia Alliance


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~Montevalia Preamble~

The Montevalia Alliance is a brand new aqua sphere alliance here on Planet Bob.We are dedicated to providing a community that is fun and peaceful for citizens of Montevalia.

Here in Montevalia,we will ensure that all citizens will be treated equally and fairly in all matters within the alliance.

Montevalia is a peaceful alliance.

~Alliance Stats~

Alliance Founded: 12/08/2008

Alliance Forums: Montevalia Forums

Team Color: AQUA

IRC on Coldfront: #Montevalia

We are a Protectorate of:

Montevalia Citizenship Benefits

Active Community

Mentoring Programs

Alliance Protection

And most importantly…Lots of fun

Section 1: Alliance Citizenship

1. Whether you are new to CN,or are an experienced player, you are invited to join Montevalia.The only requirement is when you join,you are agreeing to follow the Constitution and Citizen Mandate set forth by the Montevalia Government.

2. All new citizens must change their team color to AQUA upon application approval.

3. Applicants must not be in any wars of any kind at time of application.

4. New applicants must not be on any alliance’s perma-zi list.

Section 2: Montevalia Government

Chancellor: is the Head of State for the Montevalia Government.The Chancellor has full executive authority over economics,military,diplomatic and domestic affairs.

Montevalia Regent: is responsible for improving the alliance domestically and make sure members are kept up to date on events taking place on planet BoB.

The MR is in charge of the General Assembly.

The Regent is also the 2nd in Command of the Alliance.

Judiciary Minister: is in charge of administration and enforcement of our Constitution.

This includes, but is not limited to interpreting the Constitution as it is written, overseeing amendment proposals and votes, receiving and dealing with

complaints of any and all violations, and overseeing trial proceedings.

All citizen disputes will be handled by the Judiciary Minister.

Minister of Citizenship: is in charge of citizenship, mentor program, as well as educating,assisting and recruiting new citizens for Montevalia.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: is responsible for negotiating treaties with foreign powers and organizing the diplomatic corps. The MOFA is in charge of all diplomatic relations for the alliance.

Defense Minister: is in charge of the defense of the alliance.

Minister of Commerce: is responsible for assisting all citizens in getting trades,managing and organizing the alliance banks and for establishing and ensuring the distribution of all aid within the alliance.

Minister of Good Times: is in charge of ensuring that our citizens are actively participating within the alliance.And that the Montevalia forums is a fun place to be.

Section 3: Citizen Mandate

1. All citizens must respect all Montevalian government,citizens,allies,visiting ambassadors,etc.

2. No citizen of Montevalia may share any information about the alliance,its citizens or other pertinent information without permission of the Montevalia Government.

Violators will be punished.

3. Tech raiding is forbidden by our citizens.

4. We encourage all our citizens to participate not only on the forums,but to utilize the IRC.This will allow our citizens to benefit even more within the alliance.

5. A Montevalia Citizen may resign from the alliance at anytime.As long as that citizen is in good standing within the alliance.If a citizen isn’t in good standing,and leaves,we will find that citizen to remedy the situation by all means necessary!

6. All Montevalia Citizens are to speak freely in the alliance.

7. As a citizen of Montevalia,you will be protected from all aggressors.

8. Spying is forbidden by our citizens,or other alliances.The Montevalia Government considers spying an act of aggression.

9. Even though we are a peaceful alliance,there may be a time you may be called upon to defend the alliance.You will be required to at least volunteer to assist in the alliance’s defense against any and all unprovoked attacks.

10. All citizens have a right to vote in all elections.

The Citizen Mandate must be upheld at all times by the citizens of Montevalia.

Section 4: War & Foreign Affairs Policy

Montevalia is a peaceful alliance.With that said,we will do what is necessary to maintain the security of our alliance.

As a peaceful alliance,diplomacy is certainly our first option to resolve any and all disputes.But, sometimes it is necessary to defend ourselves,and we will if it becomes necessary.

Montevalia will only engage in a conflict,if we are attacked,or if an allie requests our assistance.

Any citizen who decides to go rogue and attack a citizen of Montevalia,or another alliance shall be expelled from the alliance.

Section 5: Diplomacy

The Montevalia Government has an open door when it comes to foreign relations with other alliances here on Planet Bob.

Section 6: General Assembly

The General Assembly is made up of all citizens of Montevalia.

The Montevalia Regent is the Head of the General Assembly.

Legislation must pass by a 65% majority of the General Assembly.

Any citizen of Montevalia may introuduce legislation for debate in the General Assembly.

In that event of a tie vote in the General Assembly,the Chancellor will cast the tie-breaking vote.

Section 7: Elections

All government positions are up for election,except the Chancellor.

The Chancellor position is only up for election if the Chancellor steps down from the position.

Elections will held every 4 months

All citizens have a right to vote and run for any government position.

All government positions will be appointed till the 1st election in the alliance is held.

Section 8: Amendments

Any citizen of Montevalia will present for a vote,an amendment to the Constitution.

All legislation will be given 21 days for discussion,then a vote will be conducted within 5 days of the end of the discussion period.

The vote must pass by 2/3’s of the Citizenship to have the Constitution amended.

Section 9: Mergers

All merger proposals presented to the Montevalia Government will be put up for a vote in the General Assembly.

The vote must pass by a 90% of the alliance!

Section 10: Expulsion

Any citizen may be expelled from Montevalia for any of the below:

1. Violation of the Montevalia Constitution

2. Rogue attacks on other citizens or another alliance

3. In-Game Cheating

4. Violation of the Citizen Mandate

5. Spying

Section 11: Ghosting

Only citizens of Montevalia are allowed to wear our AA.Non-Citizens who use our AA, will be asked to change their AA. If the ghost fails to change their AA from Montevalia,we will dealt with them accordingly.

Section 12: Alliance Color

Montevalia is an AQUA team alliance.All citizens must be on the AQUA sphere at all times while a citizen of Montevalia.

No Exceptions will be made!

This is the official document of the Montevalia Alliance.

Edited by Cinzia
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