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A Very Frozen Treaty


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Engraved in pure ice:

Article I: Mutual Defense

GDA and NAAW will defend the other party while engaged in battle against a third party. GDA and NAAW will not fight each other as long as the treaty stands.

Article II: Aggression

NAAW and GDA have the open option of coordinating offensive attacks against a third party together.

Article III: Cancellation

Should either alliance feel the need to withdraw from this agreement, they will notify the other party 48 hours in advance. Once one alliance is notified, the treaty will be invalid after the 48 hours passes.

/s/ for NAAW

FreedomvilleAT, Council.

HisK, Council

Bob, Council

/s/ for GDA

WartotheDeath, Minister of Talking

Sippyjuice, Minister of everything

Internal Static, Minister of blowing stuff up

EDIT: NAAW will be staying out of the coalition even though we have allies in the coalition

Edited by FreedomvilleAT
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