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What Would John Moses Browning Do?


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http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/4546/ww...nnercopyem3.jpg <-- What, image tags are still down? What a gip.

Since the old thread is, as the topic description says, dead and buried, and because we've revamped our charter somewhat, I've decided to make a new thread for recruitment to the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance. So, you clicked on the title of this thread, probably because you thought it looked interesting, right? Well, we are interesting. Nuttier than fruitcake. :)

For those that want a fairly stable alternative to the drama of the larger alliances, but want to be protected from rogue nations, the W.W.J.M.B.D. is for you. If you want to meet and hang out with a bunch of just barely sane peoples, the W.W.J.M.B.D. is for you. If you want to be a complete idiot, the W.W.J.M.B.D. is probably not for you.

The W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance is a newer alliance, mainly seeking neutrality on planet Bob, while trying to invent bigger and better guns to keep others out of our noses. That's what we do. The main thing you need to know is this: We're not actually a gun alliance. Don't get me wrong, many of us like our guns, but we have a fairly open joining policy. We don't care what your team color is, we don't care what your previous alliances were, we don't care if you're republican, democrat, black, white, up, down, strange, charmed, top, bottom, or... I think I lost my train of thought. No matter.

The bottom line is, we aren't going to reject you no matter what you believe in. We aren't exactly a theme alliance. We'll still be there to help defend your nation, and we'll expect you to be there to do the same. If this seems like too much to ask, then we probably aren't your kind of alliance anyway. Really, that's our only condition.

Well, that, and that you have to sign up at our forums, which are located here: The W.W.J.M.B.D. Forums.

That, and that you read and comply with our 55 page manual. :)

What Would John Moses Browning Do?

Article One: Membership and Fealty

Joining: All potential members of the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance are to be asked to identify themselves via the following aspects: Nation Name, Nation Leader, Team Color, Resources, and a link to their nation. Nation name, leader, and link are for purposes of identification and screening, whereas team color and resources are for purposes of trade matching and assistance. Based on any of the above aspects, an adviser has the right to reject an application to the alliance. The leader may reject an application without reason. Also, nations that are involved in wars during the time they ask to join must settle any and all wars prior to joining unless otherwise specified by the leader, to avoid dragging the alliance into a war.

Members: All members of the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance, by their acknowledgment of the terms and conditions implicit with their application, and their acceptance into the alliance, swear complete cybernations loyalty to the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance, on pain of being zero infrastructured (ZI'ed) should they fail to be loyal. This means that all former allegiances are considered null and void; anything beyond requesting that an alliance be helped in some way will be considered treasonous, warranting potential expulsion or ZI'ing of the offending nation.

Disloyalty: Disloyalty is defined as any action detrimental to the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance, such as initiating unauthorized wars, attacking a member of the alliance beyond ordered assaults and wargames, assisting nations and alliances that are currently enemies of the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance, or performing actions detrimental to an alliance close to the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance. The punishment for such actions is entirely up to the leader, with advisement from the advisory cabinet. This punishment can range either from economic sanctioning to ZI'ing, depending on the severity of the offense.

Article 2: War and Attack Policies

War: All actions of war are to be approved by the leader, unless a nation has been assaulted by another nation unduly, in which case said unduly assaulted nation, by W.W.J.M.B.D. decree, is to attack the attacking nation until said nation either sues for peace or is ZI'ed. They may call for assistance in this endeavor if said nation is more powerful, and this request must be granted. The only exception to this decree is when an alliance threatens to become involved in a war, in which case the attacked nation must submit his or her case to the leader for further instruction.

Unsanctioned War: Any attack by a nation of the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance that is not the result of an order from the leader, or the retaliatory strike of an attacked nation, is considered an unsanctioned attack. Official policy for such an attack is to either let the attacked party take their damage repartitions from the attacking nation if the attacked is stronger, or to weaken the attacking nation until the attacked nation may take their damage repartitions from the attacking nation.

Nuclear weaponry: Nuclear weaponry, unless used as a response to a nuclear attack, is only to be used on the leader's order. Unsanctioned use of a nuclear weapon is subject to punishment, anywhere from economic sanctioning to ZI'ing.

Spies: If a nation of the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance is attacked or spied upon, then it is the attacked/spied upon nation's duty to return the favor as they see fit. If a W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance nation is attacking (as per alliance request), then they also have a duty to use their spies as they see fit upon the enemies of the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance. Outside of these conditions, any use of spies is treated in the same manner as unsanctioned use of a nuclear weapon, and is subject to the same punishments.

Article 3: Spying on Other Alliances

Spying: The W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance does not condone the use of spies within its ranks. This is mainly due to the fact that spying has led to repeated alliance wars within cybernations, and generally doesn't yield anything exceedingly useful anyway.

Being Spied Upon: The W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance generally doesn't mind being spied upon, as we generally do not have anything interesting to share. Our policies are quite open, and our private info, such as it is, is beyond the reach of any spy that can't simply retrieve information by force.

Info Shared Accidentally or by Defectors: Any info we find by accident or that is shared with us by a defector is not considered to be spied info. We do not ask for spied info from any defecting members, nor can we control what someone lets slip. We can't close our eyes and ears all the time. If feasible, any info found out in this matter will be noted to the parties whom the information is privy, and we'll do what we can to keep the information under our collective hats.

Article 4: Alliances to Other Nations and Alliances:

Alliances to Other Nations: Alliances to other nations are constituted by a said nation requesting an alliance with the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance. This entails that they may be given aid when they need it, and that they give aid to the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance if they should need it. Such alliances may be canceled at the whim of the leader.

Alliances to Other Alliances: The same conditions as alliances to other nations applies to alliances with other alliances. That is, they may be given aid when needed, and they give aid to the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance should they need it. Such alliances may also be canceled at the whim of the leader.

Article 5: Policies on Tech:

Tech Trading: Tech trades within and without the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance are of course allowed. In short, we don't care, it's your business. There is naturally a priority that should probably be given to W.W.J.M.B.D. nations, what with the fact that any trade deals renegged by a W.W.J.M.B.D. nation will be sumarily dealt with by the W.W.J.M.B.D. (something that can't necessarily be said for trades outside of the alliance, given that we can't necessarily do anything about it in some situations) but beyond that it is totally up to you. In fact, you can even ignore inter-alliance trades if you so choose; just know that they're probably safer than trades outside of the alliance.

Tech Raiding: Ooo, touchy territory for some. In either case, the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance has this stance on tech raiding:

Any tech raid attempts against a W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance member will of course be met with as much force as can be brought to bear on the tech raiding nation. This goes with the clause of helping out other nations and whatnot.

Tech raiding by a W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance member is, by and large, not supported. Official policy on it is as such: A nation to be tech raided must be 12 days in non-attendance to their nation, and must have, at 5 days non-attendance to their nation, be sent a PM stating that if they are in fact active, they should PM your nation stating so, and otherwise they will be considered a target for tech raiding by you. So, while tech raiding is technically possible in the W.W.J.M.B.D., failure to conform to these conditions will of course be considered an unauthorized attack. If the nation sends a return PM of any form, they are to be considered an active nation and not to be attacked. If they send a message after you tech raid them, you must pay them any repartitions they ask for, without assistance from the W.W.J.M.B.D. If they attack back, it is considered that they are taking repartitions from you directly.

Alliance Member Ranks

Regular Members: Regular members are those members that have joined the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance, having agreed to the membership conditions and having been accepted into the alliance. They are subject to the alliance rules, but are otherwise free to do their own thing. They come in two varieties.

--Initiates: Initiates are new members of the alliance that have yet to prove their abilities at cybernations. Simply, they are new to the alliance, cybernations, or both.

--Veterans: Veterans are more seasoned members of the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance. They know the ins and outs of the cybernations system, and possibly have seen some combat in the service of the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance.

War General: A War General is a member who oversees W.W.J.M.B.D. campaigns, should the W.W.J.M.B.D. find itself at war against other nations or alliances. Their duties are to coordinate strikes against enemies of the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance, and ensure victory with minimal cost.

Advisers: The alliance advisers serves as the advisory cabinet to the leader. Their duty is to advise the leader on various decisions, as well as to manage various functions of the alliance, depending on their station. A member may hold more than one advisory position. Advisory stations are listed as such:

--Diplomatic Affairs Adviser: The duties of the diplomatic affairs adviser is to keep touch with alliances and nations diplomatically tied to the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance and to cement ties with said alliances and nations. They also are to seek out other alliances with which the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance has no ties to, such as alliance or war, and approach them with alliance propositions. They are also in charge of discussing peace settlements with alliances and nations the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance may be at war with, and taking the proposals to the leader.

--Graphical Adviser: The duties of the graphical adviser are solely to create and maintain graphics for the alliance, including forum and other graphics. They are to advise the leader on such matters.

--Resources Adviser: The duties of the resource adviser are to assist nations that request trading assistance find adequate trades either within or without the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance, with weight placed on nations within the alliance. They are also to advise the leader on matters regarding resource trade.

--War Adviser: The duties of the war adviser are to ensure that the War Generals coordinate their campaigns among one another without interfering with each other's campaign. They advise the leader as to what courses of action are favorable in wartime.

--Monetary Affairs Adviser: The duties of the monetary affairs adviser are to make sure that nations that need start-up funding or wartime aid get it. They are also to advise the leader in matters of funding, such as what nations need funding and how much.

--Non-Cybernations Adviser: The non-cybernations adviser, as the name suggests, is an adviser that is not actually a member of cybernations. This person has but one duty, to advise the leader on cybernations matters without any bias. They are purposefully not exceptionally active, and only partially informed at all times so that such unbiased advice can be given by them.

--Recruitment Adviser: The recruitment adviser's duties are to seek out potential new members to the alliance, and ask them to join. They advise the leader by telling whom wishes to join, as well as any information they know about said persons wishing to join. This position's duties, on the chance that a recruitment adviser is not present, are delegated to the diplomatic affairs adviser.

Additionally, advisers will come in two forum administrative flavors. High advisers, whom will have administrative access on the W.W.J.M.B.D. forums, and regular advisers, whom will not have administrative board powers. This is mostly for security reasons, given that I'm not a very trusting person when it comes to board privilages; at least, not on an invisionfree board, where things can be changed willy nilly. This may change if I ever decide to upgrade the hosting. Don't hold your breaths.

Assistants: Assistants assist the advisers in their given tasks. Like advisers, they come in several 'flavors'. There may be any number of assistants tied to an adviser. There are a couple fields in which an adviser has no assistants, being as another rank classification effectively acts as their assistants, such as the War Adviser and the War Generals. Like advisers, a member may hold more than one assistant role.

--Diplomatic Affairs Assistant: Diplomatic affairs assistants are tasked with the job of assisting the Diplomatic Affairs Adviser build and maintain relationships with other alliances.

--Graphics Assistant: Graphics assistants help the Graphics Adviser with their graphics works.

--Resource Assistant: Resource assistants help out the Resources Adviser decide which trades would be benefitial to other people.

--Monetary Affairs Assistant: Monetary Affairs assistants are mainly tasked with helping the Monetary Affairs Adviser send out assistance to other nations that need them. They also may help the Monetary Affairs Adviser decide which nations actually need funding.

--Recruitments Assistant: Recruitments Assistants help the Recruitments Adviser bring new people into the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance.

Browning's Right Hand: Browning's Right Hand is for the most part just what it sounds like. This person is, in effect, an adviser, but also has official control over the W.W.J.M.B.D. when the leader is indisposed. They are also responsible for ensuring that any orders that the leader issues are carried out, and basically helps make sure that everything is running smoothly. In effect, they are a second leader of the alliance. They are considered part of the advisorial cabinet for matters where the advisorial cabinet are involved.

The Leader: The leader of the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance. They are in command of the alliance's war efforts and all other matters. They take advice from their advisers; however, ultimately, alliance decisions are theirs alone.

Alliance Elections:

Adviser's Assistant Elections: At any time, an election may be called to elect an assistant to an adviser. There are no conditions beyond that the person must recieve a majority vote and the person in question must be recieved by the adviser in question. If the adviser does not believe they would make a good assistant, then they are within their rights to reject the assistant.

Adviser Elections: Being as advisers are, in effect, the hand selected cabinet of the leader, elections for advisers shall not be held. If a new leader should ever take control of the W.W.J.M.B.D., they are at liberty to select their own cabinet of advisers.

Leader Elections: It would be foolish of me to think that I can please everyone. However, it would also be foolish of me to even think I can please most people in all situations. So, elections for leader of the W.W.J.M.B.D. will be held as such: All votes must be made by actual, approved members of the W.W.J.M.B.D. alliance. The current leader and his cabinet of advisers may not vote in the election. There must be a 5 to 1 majority against the present leader for the leader to be evicted from their position as leader and the reins to be handed to the new leader. If the current leader refuses to give up the reins, the rest of the W.W.J.M.B.D. is obliged to destroy the current leader's nation militarily, and if necessary, make a new forum. Making of a new forum should only occur if I myself become corrupt, however, as I will be holding on to the alliance forums' root account if I am ousted so that I may see to the election results being upheld.

Wow, you really read all that? Really? Nah, you didn't. ...Did you? Nah, you didn't.


Join us, we're fun.

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