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Play on different IPs, but have checked nation there in past


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I am at home visiting my family right now and my niece saw me playing cybernations and now she wants to play. I do not live here, and as of this moment, will never use this IP to check my nation ever again. I will not interact with her nation at all. However, I have used this IP a number of times in the past to check my nation. I read through this thread:


And from my understanding from the combination of "YOU MAY NOT HAVE MULTIPLE USERS ON ONE NETWORK/IP" and "If you have ever even ONCE logged in to the same computer as another nation, YOUR NATIONS MAY NEVER INTERACT" that seems to imply that as long as I don't use this IP anymore, and we never interact, this won't be a problem. Is that correct? Sorry, I'm sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't seem to find anything that addressed this specifically.

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