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Ive been playing for a while, and Ive tryed everything to get more money, But I still only make like, 400,000 a day and then pay 100,000 in taxes, how should I go about getting more money?

1. Fix your government positions. I don't remember the exact order they're supposed to be filled in, but at least switch the Nuke question to Option A - allowing nukes at this stage of the game won't help you one bit.

2. Do your people really desire Christianity as their national religion? If so, then obviously keep it but if not, change it to what they want.

3. Make sure you're switching your government to benefit you - switching to Capitalist to pay bills and buy infra and Democracy to collect taxes. If your people do desire Republic right now, I think thats alright to keep it that way until their desires change.

4. SELL TECH. Do 3mil/100s in either 30-day deals or 3x3s until you get past the 3k infra jump. You don't need tech right now, buying it is costing you way more money than its worth and cheating you out of the ~1.2mil profit of tech deals.

5. Work on your trades. You have some good resources right now, but they're not giving you any bonus goods which would give you a nice boost. Your resources fit a few decent circles, try to set one up or get into one.

6. Stop buying land for a while. You just don't need anymore of it, it'll waste your money.

7. You have an improvement slot open, make use of it. Since you're close to the 1k jump I'd suggest getting a factory. As you do the jump, buy factories every time you reach another 1k citizens.

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Tech is needed for two main reasons:

1. It gives a large happiness bonus up to 15 levels, then a smaller bonus for each level you have up to 200 tech.

2. It provides an infrastructure upkeep discount.

You need the happiness bonus, but you don't need the upkeep discount. Right now, your infra bills aren't very high but after a few infra jumps, it will be a lot higher. Thats when you'll need tech. For now, just keep somewhere between 15 and 50 tech at a time. Selling it will give you a much larger bonus than keeping it or buying it yourself.

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hey thanks! Ill try it, but I dont quite understand the whole tech trading, I thought I want tech, why would I sell it?

Note this is not an offer, but purely an example

Buying from 0 upto 50 tech costs you very little (800k?)

Buying tech at my level is alot more expensive

Therefore I would be more than willing to pay 1.5m for that 50 tech

You make a nice profit (2-3 days collections) and I get tech alot cheaper than I could buy it on my own.

Also Large nations are very protective of there tech dealers and may help if you find yourself being raided

Your alliance should be able to help you with setting up tech deals,

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