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Declaring Our Origin Malevolently


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It prides me as the official messenger of DOOM to bring to you our first annoucement: we exist!

To answer a few questions:

- Yes, are a black team alliance, because Black is awesome like that.

- No, I'm not the revered DOOM Monarch, only a lowly messenger. Our Monarch sends her greetings, but could not be bothered to make the long trip from the shadow laden underworld to address you all in person. She is busy, after all.

- No, I will not tell you what DOOM stands for... its a secret :ph34r:.

Come pay us a visit:


"Desperation is the raw material of drastic change. Only those who can leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape.”

-William S. Burroughs

From the war-torn brink of darkness and despair comes hope and order. Believe and Commit, but whatever you do, Don't Open Our Milk.

DOOM Charter

1. Government Structure

1.1 DOOM Perma-gov

1.1.1 DOOM Monarch - The DOOM Monarch oversees all aspects of DOOM, votes with DOOM's Unholy Circle, and is in charge of picking DOOM's Archdemons. He/she may be impeached with a vote by all of DOOM of at least 60%.

1.1.2 DOOM Archdemons - The DOOM Archdemons are chosen by the DOOM Monarch to assist in the running of DOOM, and also vote with the Unholy Circle. They may be impeached with a unanimous vote in the Unholy Circle in which they cannot vote, or by a vote by all of DOOM of at least 50%. Archdemons may have further titles to clarify how they assist the DOOM Monarch, but do not neccesarily need them.

1.2 DOOM Elected Gov

1.2.1 The Unholy Circle - The Unholy Circle shall consist of anywhere from three to seven DOOM Members elected once a month by all of DOOM beginning December 25th of 2008. The number of Unholy Circle members elected each month shall be determined by the DOOM Monarch. Duties of the Unholy Circle - With the guidance of the DOOM Monarch and Archdemons, the Unholy Circle shall vote on matters of importance within DOOM, which may include, but are not limited to: Treaties, declarations of war, and charter revisions. Election Process - Six days before the end of the month, beginning in December of 2008, nominations for the Unholy Circle will open. In order to be a candidate for the Unholy Circle, a DOOM Member must receive two nominations from other DOOM Members and accept them. Nominations will close 48 hours after they open. This will be followed by a 18 hour period in which nominations which have not yet been accepted may be accepted. After the acceptance period, voting will open and continue until the beginning of the next month according to the CyberNations server. At this point, voting will close and the new Unholy Circle will immediately take power.

2. War

2.1 Alliance War - Declaration of War (DoW) by DOOM on another alliance will be voted on by the Unholy Circle. A majority of 50% + 1 is needed to pass. DoWs will always be announced on DOOM Forums prior to anywhere else, and military orders will NEVER be given anywhere but on DOOM Forums.

2.2 Nation on Nation War - Any member of DOOM may declare war on any other nation if they have the approval of a DOOM Archdemon or the DOOM Monarch; however, DOOM is not held responsible for that DOOM Member's losses in any wars not declared by the Unholy Circle, and will not protect them from any retribution inflicted upon them. DOOM will, however, warn nations that retribution is possible.

3. Members

3.1 Applying - To join DOOM, a nation must register on DOOM Forums and fill out the appropriate form in the correct topic. Their Alliance Affiliation must be DOOM.

3.2 Rights - Members retain the right to do anything not specifically forbidden by the charter or the CN:TE Terms of Service

3.2.1 Any DOOM Member caught spying on another alliance will be kicked out of the alliance and will suffer the consequences the other alliance may choose to inflict upon them. If the other alliance desires retribution in the form of technology or money from the spying nation, DOOM will encourage the spying nation to pay up.

4. Amendments

4.1 To make an amendment to this charter, a vote of the Unholy Circle of at least 75% + 1 is required.

4.2 Articles 4 and 5 may not be amended. Ever.

5. Disbandment

5.1 In order to disband DOOM, the Unholy Circle must unanimously vote to do so, and all of DOOM's voting members must then vote at least 75% + 1 to disband.

5.2 The Unholy Circle has forty-eight hours to obtain the necessary unanimous vote unless a member of the circle is unable to get to the forums and has stated prior to the decision to try to disband that they would not be able to get onto the forums. The DOOM Monarch, however, must be present for the vote.

5.3 The public vote will be open for seventy-two hours after the unanimous Unholy Circle vote is obtained.

Signed into effect on 11/30/2008

Princess Kairi, DOOM Monarch

Margrathea, DOOM Archdemon

The Unholy Circle

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