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Crimson Empire

Londo Mollari

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IDIOT - it was a blast rolling with you guys and even being a member for a while. Keep it stupid next round. :awesome:

Murder Inc - you guys are the shiat. Congrats on winning the round, couldn't go to cooler guys.

Mostly Harmful - I won't lie, you guys are :awesome:. Had fun chilling out with you doods for the end of this round.

TPA and Citadel - You guys were mediocre allies at best but then I guess so were we. I hope that our alliances can peacefully share the red sphere again this round, for greater economic prosperity for all.

Orange Juice and MCXA - had fun chewing on you guys early on. Keep it tasty.

NAAC - God I hate you guys. I enjoyed nuking two of your best nations into rubble with my first nation. Still, I hope that we can let bygones be bygones and start off the new round with a clean slate.

tl:dr the Crimson Empire will indeed be making a comeback this round. Love to you all.

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