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Join MFO today!

Sign up your nation here.

Switch your alliance affiliation to "MFO."

Join MFO for the camaraderie, common defense, aid, and friendly atmosphere. We provide guides for the new and seasoned player alike, as well as other tools which greatly aid in developing your nation.

We will gladly assist you in developing your own nation. We will guide and assist you in economic decisions, trading, and aid. We will teach you how to make millions trading technology for cash. We will teach you how to defend yourself in war, and of course you will be defended by us from any rogue attack.

We have a great group of people and many activities in addition to Cybernation on our forums, from chess to politics. Please visit our home.


We are the 15th ranked alliance in average nation strength.

Most importantly, we want YOU. We want active players who will contribute via intra-alliance trade and aid, defense, organization, council, diplomacy, propaganda, you name it! You will have a place in our alliance and can help make it even greater than it is now.



--Diplomats Visit Here

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Friendly reminder to potential applicants, Our nations are becoming too strong and too rich. There are fewer possible recipients for economic aid as everyone becomes powerful in their own right. Even as our packages top $1.5M PER WEEK (not just startup...), we have extra cash that we must sadly put in our lofty vaults. But at least we will still be here, after the Unjust War has come and gone, powerful and ready to welcome war ravaged nations, ready to rebuild their cities and bring wealth to their people. Even perhaps those that have already sworn allegiance to another might look our way for friendship, if only that ties between our alliances grow strong. MFO would never break a treaty and never turn its back to friends.

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It is unfortunate that many alliances are disbanding after this war. We would like to think that we had good relations with genmay in particular. We have no harsh feelings towards any alliances on either side. If you guys need a new home, MFO will welcome you. We offer the same protections and services that larger alliances offer but more importantly we are a peaceful alliance that will allow your nations to rebuild. MFO is currently a tight nit group that is very active in the game. We have a mature democratically elected leadership that has lead our nations to prosperity. Our decisions are made through discussion with all of our members at our forum and our chat room. If you are interested in an alliance where your opinion effects policy, MFO is a good choice for you. You are important.

We do ask that any nations wishing to join not be in any wars as we do not want any misunderstandings with any of our friends on either side. MFO remains peaceful in this conflict.

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