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Literacy Rate

Jack Shepard

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Is the literacy rate bonus from Schools and Universities turned off?

My nation, with 3 schools and 2 unis, has a 20% literacy rate.

Any nation with no schools, no unis and no tech, has 20% literacy rate.

Schools are meant to increase literacy rate by 1%, and unis by 3%, which should put me at a bare minimum, of 29%

Not that it has any impact until you get to 90% for Scholars (I think anyway), but just thought I'd mention it.

(While we are here, any thoughts on a literacy rate overhaul to make it useful?...

IMO schools and Unis should be the main component of what increases a literacy rate, not tech, I mean if you dump a billion dollars worth of computers in a 3rd world country its not going to increase the literacy rate... but slap down a couple of schools and unis and you will...

IMO (since nations start at 20% literacy), schools should increase literacy by 8%, and unis by 15%, and amount of tech the final 10%... This would give people an option to get the scholars bonus resource by choosing Schools and Unis over Banks/Factories/Stadiums... shake up the 'by the book' improvement order slightly)...

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Well, the formula that calculates your nation's literacy rate is capped so you cannot have a literacy rate score less than 20%. Even with the 3 schools and 2 universities because you only have 24.5 levels of tech your literacy rate when calculated is still below the cap at 20% so it shows as 20%.

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