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New "soldier update" major problem


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I'm having crazy problems with the new soldier system. It's malfunctioning like crazy.

- With the update above, nations may now purchase up to 80% of their population in REAL soldiers. I expect nation militaries to increase in size quite a bit with this update.

This is definately not true. I tried to match this (as Eastern Ruler notes he also did in his thread) and my citizens are now extremely angry. This wouldn't be a problem, though, since I could correct it, but here's the kicker:


It's telling me, "You have already dismissed soldiers within the past two days. You may only purchase soldiers at this time." This is completely untrue. I haven't dismissed a single soldier in weeks.

Less important is this error message that doesn't make sense:

You entered a transaction of -500 soldiers. Please enter a value greater than or equal to 0 soldiers and less than or equal to 0 soldiers in the soldier transaction field.

I sure hope this is fixed soon so I can dismiss soldiers and make my citizens happy again.

Thanks for looking into it.


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You can purchase up to 80% of your citizens in real soldiers but your efficiency can now go much higher than 80%. The 80% population happiness threshold has not changed so this part of the update is working properly. The game shows that you dismissed soliders on 9/29/2007, did you enter a negative number in the input field? Anyway, I've changed your soldier dismissal date to allow you to correct the issue.

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