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New soldier update problem8

Eastern Ruler

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Hey admin,

I have 83,198 working citizens, which with the new update should let me have 66,558 REAL soldiers and not have my population income suffer. This is not the case when I try to buy more soldiers.

Currently I have 47,980 REAL soldiers and 66,212 with efficiency. When I try to buy another 1,000 soldiers it gives me this message when I click "Confirm Transaction" :

This transaction will purchase 1,000 soldiers for a total price of $5,600.00. Based on this transaction you will have a real military of 48,980 soldiers with an efficiency of 67,592 and 0 (0) deployed soldiers. This solider purchase will put your solider efficiency above 80% of your citizen population making your people unhappy.

Because of the update I should have been able to buy the extra 1,000 soldiers since it would have increased my REAL soldier count to only 48,980 which is significantly less than 80% of my population, which is 66,558.

With the update above, nations may now purchase up to 80% of their population in REAL soldiers. I expect nation militaries to increase in size quite a bit with this update.

Thanks for your time and help.

~Eastern Ruler of The Greater Chindia


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