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Foreign Aid Bug


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I'm trying to aid a friend of mine


But when I try to aid, I recieve this error message:

You cannot offer any new aid agreements because you have already offered or are involved in in 5 other foreign aid agreements within the past 10 days. This includes foreign aid offers that you have received as well as foreign aid offers that you have sent.

But if you look at the foreign aid screen of my nation,


You'll notice I have only 4 aid transfers, and none of them are from Boatstinople.

So admin, if you could fix this anytime that would be really great. (Not sarcastic)

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I deleted all them and it worked. I counted it down and I had to delete all of them before it started working.

But normally, this problem isn't supposed to happen, correct?

Expired aid slots count towards the total amount of slots you open which is why its best to delete them the moment they Expire.

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