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(Royal Order of Confederate Kingdoms)

:nuke: We hate everyone. We eat n00bs for breakfast. If you want to join you have to pay the alliance fee minimum 100k based on your Nation Strength. If you get attacked by a rogue, two of our members will attack you aswell. Our leaders are corrupted and expect you to bribe them if you want any benefits from R.O.C.K.

:nuke: Nah, we aren't really that sik...

:nuke: Seriously, R.O.C.K. is an old school alliance having its roots as far in the past as August 2006. We were a part of Global Organization for Liberty and Defense (GOLD) for some time but came back with a fresh start on August 2007. Read more about our history in our announcement. Here's some more general info about R.O.C.K.:


:nuke: R.O.C.K. is an alliance in the yellow team, but the non-yellow applicants over 2,000 Nation Strength are not required to change their team color. Our recruitment policy is based on quality rather than quantity. We don't strive for breaking the 300-member barrier to get us sanctioned asap, but this quality we're looking for does not only mean your Nation Strength either. For example, if your first question when joining an alliance is: "How much do you give startup aid?", or after a couple weeks of membership we hear you saying: "I really liked it here but on the other hand I really didn't, so c y'all l8er", then please go to the previous page on your browser now. Anywho, when you read the instructions for membership application in our forums, you'll find out the virtues we're looking for in our applicants and the charachteristics we're not. You don't have to be a superman - not even a man, we just want you to do your best and be there for all of us. That's what the others here at R.O.C.K. do aswell.

:nuke: Our foreign policy is to stay out of major conflicts and create good relationships with variety of alliances, while not being afraid to defend our members when needed - naturally. Aggressive behavior towards other alliances does not fit into our image, but the inactive members of the "None" -menace could be in danger. We carefully consider putting our signatures in proposed treaties, because we have seen where the reckless MADPing leads to. R.O.C.K. is not a failed experiment that crashes to the first major mistake. This alliance exists for our members' own best and all of our members exist for the Alliance's best. Our people stick together even if their infrastructure is reduced to zero. If you haven't ever been in the yellow team, you have no idea how much a man can love his home.


Charter for R.O.C.K. Alliance

Royal Order of Confederate Kingdoms

Article I. Prelude

We, the people of R.O.C.K., in order to keep safe the rights of its members and keep its government supporting it to a series of regulations, establish this Charter. The articles herein are published to serve the people of R.O.C.K. and keep all under its influence within a reasonable field of ethics. The content of this Charter is subject to occasional change per amendments as seen fit and is subject to public discussion.

Article II. Stance

R.O.C.K. intends to be an alliance in which members can get their voice heard, help each other grow as one, and provide mutual protection in a time of war be it against another alliance or against individual, non-aligned, nations. R.O.C.K. follows through on these intentions with the ideas of Independence. R.O.C.K. is actively forming Pacts and Treaties with other alliances and in the case of war, no justifiable cause will result in a neutral stance from the conflict. R.O.C.K. intends to stay out of major conflicts unless one of its allies or members is brought into it, at which point the full power of its members will be brought in to defend their allies, whether that be military or otherwise.

Article III. Admission

Admission into R.O.C.K. for an outside nation is a simple process. After filling out a membership application, the nation must be willing to accept the rule of the Government of R.O.C.K., and to uphold the value and honor of the Alliance by swearing the Member's Oath. Prospective nations much also change their in-game affiliation to R.O.C.K. Applicant. A prospective nation must also not be a member of another alliance as dual membership is forbidden. The prospective nation must also be in a state of peace and not involved in any wars upon application.

An unchanging decree is that all members must be willing to serve the Alliances and its members when called upon to do so. Failure to defend R.O.C.K. and her members may result in severe punishment, expellment, or death. A member may be expelled from the Alliance at any time with a legitimate cause.

Article III. Section i. R.O.C.K. Applicant

Any nation under the in-game affiliation of R.O.C.K. Applicant is a prospective member of R.O.C.K. and is henceforth declared as under the protection of the R.O.C.K. alliance until such time that they become a full member or they are denied entry and leave the affiliation. An attack on a nation flying the R.O.C.K. applicant affiliation will be viewed as an attack on R.O.C.K. itself.

Article IV. Government

The governing body of R.O.C.K. will consist of the Royal Nine and the Judiciary Council. They will act in the best interests of the general populace and the Alliance as a whole and will make the major decisions of the Alliance. As a result, no member of government may abuse his or her position for personal gain. In the event of an abuse of position, the general populace may take a vote to remove them. A super majority (66%) will be required by the general populace or a simple majority (51%) from either the Royal Nine or Judiciary Council in order to remove them. Two of these three groups must agree.

When a Supreme Royal is removed, their seat will remain empty until such time that the remaining Supreme Royals deem a candidate deserving of the seat. When a Royal Layman is removed, the other Royals must have a simple majority vote to decide on a new member and the Judiciary Council will have a simple majority vote to approve the new member. Should any member be removed in this manner, they forfeit any rights to run for any government office unless the Judiciary Council restores that right.

Article IV. Section i. Supreme Royals

The Royal Nine is split up between two groups, the Supreme Royals, and the Royal Laymen. While both the Supreme Royals and the Royal Laymen work side by side to better the alliance, the main difference is their term and number of positions in the Royal 9. Supreme Royals will be appointed for life terms by the existing Royal Nine and will make up six of the nine positions. They will be subject to the same eviction policies as the Royal Laymen if found to be abusive or corrupt. They will individually have power over anything in the Alliance as long as they are in agreement with the Charter and the other Royals.

Article IV. Section ii. Royal Laymen

The remaining members of the Royal Nine are the Royal Laymen, who will be three members voted into office by the general populace. They will be given identical jurisdiction to the Supreme Royals aside from their term length, which is only 3 months long. They may be reelected indefinitely but will be subject to the same removal methods as the Supreme Royals. The Judiciary Council may also bar a member from running for a Layman position.

Article IV. Section iii. Judiciary Council

The Judiciary Council will be a completely independent organization from the Royal Nine save for 1 Supreme Royal that they appoint to the Council. The other 2 members will be elected into office every three months with an unlimited number of terms. The Royal 9 member of the Judiciary Council will serve under similar terms, serving terms at a length of 3 months with the ability to be elected for an unlimited number of terms and to be the only person, who can serve in both Royal Nine and Judiciary Council simultaneously.

They will have the power to overturn Royal Nine decrees by a super majority (66%) and make disciplinary decisions regarding all Cyberverse related actions of the alliance members. In the event that a Royal decree is overturned, a super majority of the Royal Nine may override that and pass it anyway. They will be subject to the same eviction policies as the Royal Nine. The Royal Nine may also bar a member from running for a Judiciary position.

Article V. War

In the event that R.O.C.K. enters an armed conflict, alliance members shall go to their respective Military Divisions to receive official orders and roles in the war. The Royal of Defense and his staff will be the supreme authority on military action. Economic action will fall under the jurisdiction of both the Domestics Affairs and Finances Royals for aid within the Alliance and Foreign Affairs Royal for foreign aid.

In an alliance conflict, members will follow the designated protocols for action while personal conflicts will require an approval by the Royal of Defense. Aid for a personal conflict within the Alliance will be permitted without restriction, though foreign aid will need approval by the Royal of Foreign Affairs.

Article V. Section i. Aggressive Wars

R.O.C.K. nations are strictly forbidden to be the aggressor and start wars with other nations outside of authorized raiding. Any offensive wars started by R.O.C.K. members are to be peace declared immediately. As well, the offending member may face infractions with punishment ranging from fines up to possible expellment from the alliance.

Article V. Section ii. Raiding

Tech/land raiding is now permitted into R.O.C.K. However, before a nation may raid, they must first file a raid request in the military forums with the proper forms filled out, and must receive the explicit permission from the Royal of Defense. Failure to obtain permission from the Royal of Defense before launching a raid may result in the offending member facing infractions with punishment ranging from fines up to possible expellment from the alliance.

If/when given permission to raid, it is said nation's own choice how gently/badly to perform it. While gangbanging, total destruction and crying for help is frowned upon and using only merry attitude, ground attacks and peace offers is recommended, there aren't any regulations after the initial permission is given - with the reservation that one troublesome raid for the alliance may result in cancellation of all future requests.

In short: If you have the balls to steal someone's money, land and tech, then have the balls to face the damage to your own nation if they choose to fight back.

Article V. Section iii. Nuclear Weapons

All alliance members are allowed to stockpile the maximum allowed number of nuclear weapons as they wish. When in a state of war, explicit permission and approval must be given by the Royal of Defense before nuclear ordinance may be used in battle. In the event no answer is recieved within 24 hours by the Royal of Defense, the Judiciary Council may vote on the matter, either granting permission or denying the request. The Royal of Defense retains the right to veto the decision of the Judiciary Council should he/she return before the nuclear ordinance has been launched, in the event the Judiciary Council approves the request. Failure to obtain permission to use nuclear ordinance before launching a nuclear weapon may result in expellment from R.O.C.K. and the declaration as a nuclear rogue.

The following situations do not require permission from either the Royal of Defense or the Judiciary Council for the launching of nuclear ordinances:

a ) If a nation is attacked by a nuclear weapon

b ) If a nation has nuclear weapon(s) "spied away"

However, in these two scenarios, the nations involved only have the right to use proportionate force, that is, if one weapon is used on them, or spied away, they have the right to fire one weapon before acquiring permission from the Royal of Defense or Judiciary Council.

Article V. Section iv. Permissible Targets

R.O.C.K. nations are expressly forbidden from attacking other nations currently in another alliance, unless R.O.C.K. is currently at war with that alliance and said nation is your assigned war target. R.O.C.K. nations may only request tech raids against nations who are unaligned or in a "one-man alliance" and are NOT on a color sphere that is under credible protection.

If said nation is unaligned or in a "one-man alliance" and on a sphere under credible protection, they will be declared off limits to tech raid or attack in other methods. Unaligned or a "one-man alliance" nations not on a color sphere that is declared under credible protection are permissible targets to request permission to tech raid.

Article V. Section v. War Time Dissention

All R.O.C.K. nations are to follow directions given to them in their respective military divisions in a time of war. Failure to follow the directions given will result in punishments ranging from heavy fines to expellment from R.O.C.K. with the offending nation placed on the R.O.C.K. blacklist and military action potentially taken against them.

The Resignation forum will also be closed down during a time of war so that R.O.C.K. members may not resign early on and attempt to circumvent defending R.O.C.K. during a time of war. If in a large scale war, a R.O.C.K. nation wishes to surrender to their attackers, they will be permitted to do so, but resigning to avoid the war and defending R.O.C.K. altogether will be forbidden.

If a member wishes to request a change of orders due to a legitimate reason, they may request so in their military division forums. Each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and will not be guaranteed to be granted.

Article VI. Aid

R.O.C.K. are permitted to freely send aid amongst each other to help each other further grow. Both new and old members are welcome to take part in the many tech deals taking place every day in R.O.C.K. Current members are permitted to send free will aid to new members. New members are also permitted to request aid in the proper forums after being granted admittance into R.O.C.K.

R.O.C.K. does not offer automatic aid as a means of recruitment and does not automatically give aid just for joining the alliance, so please do not expect such to happen and should such a statement be made in a recruitment letter, it is to be considered void and not a valid statement.

To prevent nations from joining R.O.C.K., requesting and receiving aid, and then trying to leave for another alliance, any new nation who receives, and accept, an aid offer by a R.O.C.K. nation is required to remain a member of R.O.C.K. for a minimum of 90 days before being allowed to leave with no repayment. Should a nation resign before 90 days has passed, they will be required to pay back all received aid IN FULL in a timely manner. Failure to pay back all aid in full, nor pay back said aid in a timely manner, may result in military action taken by R.O.C.K. against the nation.

Article VI. Section i. Foreign Aid

R.O.C.K. nations are permitted to send foreign aid at will to non-R.O.C.K. members so long as those nations are not members of alliances considered to be Cyberverse wide enemies. Any and all foreign aid with that kind of nations is expressly forbidden and failure to abide by this may result in immediate expellment.

Article VII. Senate Voting

R.O.C.K. nations are permitted to vote for any candidate they wish to, so long as that candidates are not worldwide troublemakers and/or members of any yellow alliances considered to be enemies of numerous alliances across the Cyberverse. If the candidate they wish to vote for is known as worldwide troublemaker or is the member of a yellow alliance considered to be enemies of numerous alliances across the Cyberverse, then voting for that candidate is strictly forbidden and they must find a different candidate to vote for.

They may vote for an eligible R.O.C.K. member or they may vote for any eligible non-R.O.C.K. member as they so wish to. R.O.C.K. members do not have to vote for a certain candidate and may ignore requests by other alliances to vote for a specific member for various reasons if they so wish.

Article VIII. Amendments

In order to remain stable throughout its existence in the Cyberverse, this Charter is subject to change. But such change must be agreed on almost unanimously. Both the regular members and Royal Nine must agree. For the regular populous, a super majority is needed and in the Royal Nine, a mega majority is required. These amendments cannot infringe upon any of the sanctions contained in this document nor the rights of the members.

:nuke: Thank you for reading, hopefully you're now considering to sell your sou... ehh, settle your home to R.O.C.K.

:nuke: Further questions can be asked here in this topic or via PM.

~ RadonaTor of San Fiera ~

R.O.C.K. Royal of Immigration

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Q: OMG I would have never believe R.O.C.K. could be sooooo wonderful! I mean they really make you feel like home, everything's top notch and there's actually nothing you can complain. I don't know how I managed such a long time without R.O.C.K., they've totally changed my life! Plus, their Head of Recruitment guy is sooooo the best. Every alliance should have a man like him, but I guess it's just plain impossible. So my only question is, how on earth can R.O.C.K. be so sexy at everything?!

A: Mom, get offline...

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