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Yes, THE Atarax

Thank you very much for taking a moment to look into and consider joining our alliance, Atarax.

What is Atarax? Atarax is a blue team alliance based on the principle that the happiest and best state that one can achieve in Cyber Nations is the state of bliss that results from being completely comfortable with your nation and your nation's alliance. In Atarax we strive to reach that place everyday. We'll never get there. Yet the knowledge that we'll never get there combined with the knowledge that we'll always work together to get there is what makes Atarax the best alliance in Cyber Nations.

Confused yet? So are we. Sometimes. That is why were are asking you to join us as we move forward in this adventure. One of the basic beliefs of Ataraxism is that through the applied efforts of many good and just and wise people it will be easier to achieve true Ataraxian Bliss. We are looking for leaders of nations who are good and wise and just who are willing to work with us.

In return we will help you to grow and protect your nation. The original founders of Atarax are all members with extensive experience in Cyber Nations. Some of our newer members have demonstrated their abilities and wisdom and are working with us and being rewarded for that work. Our wisdom and enthusiasm along with our extensive financial resources, our friendship with NpO and our desire to improve will help your nation to improve and grow as well.

Please take a moment to review our Charter

To learn more about Atarax please visit our Forums

Or visit us in IRC. Coldfront #atarax

Thanks very much for considering Atarax.

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Seriously i can recommend this for new players, they have a great amount of Noob support, most other of the bigger alliances seem to just dump you into a big forum area of lots of gameplay hint posts full of indecipherable acronyms witch arn't that helpfull and leave you to fend for yourselves. This lot assign one of there people to help you, explain the basics to you, answer even the most noobish questions with a trace of annoyance, and give you enough start up aid to get of your feet and help you set up good trades. And of course they protect you from tech raiders to boot.


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