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i ACCIDENTALLY accepted some financial aid crap, now i am stuck with this account, but i want to start over, i had a very bad start, so admins, can u ban me or delete this please

Sorry the mods won't delete your nation. The only ways you can get a nation deleted is delete yourself, have it deleted for rules infractions or have it deleted after 19 days inactivity (it's deleted on the 20th day). So either you can wait until your aid slots clear on the 18th and delete or allow it to delete for inactivity on the 30th. There's no shortcut. The mods will not delete your nation for you. You'll just have to wait. Do not get impatient and abandon your current nation and think by not logging into it's okay to start another, it's not, they would be considered multis. There's no getting around waiting if you want to continue to play in the future.

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