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Question about enviroment


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Does having over 30 people per mile lower environment by 1?

I am asking because with Democracy my environment is lower then with republic. according to the chart both help but republic adds 5% to land and with that 5% land I have 29.52 per mile.

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Edit: Ack, I guess pop. density does matter.

8.) What is Environment and what affects its rating?

Environment gauges how clean your nation is. Environment ratings are gained by Technology level, Infrastructure level, Military level, Citizen-to-Land ratio and current resources among other things. Environment ratings have a direct effect on your Population Happiness and Citizen count.

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Population density itself does not factor into environment. However, land/infra ratio does.

With Democracy, you had a land multiplier of approximately 1.38, which gave you 2851.0478 total miles of land, or less than 1/2 of your infra level. With Republic, you have a land multiplier of approximately 1.44, which gives you your total of 2982.271 miels of land, which is greater than 1/2 of your infra level. This is where your extra point of environment is originating from.

On the topic of soldier efficiency, he's nowhere near 60% right now - he's over 100%.

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