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Foreign Aid problem


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This took place on the 20th. >_>

After a recent Tech trade, I was brought up to $6,000,000, or around that mark.

Then, later, I received another $6,000,000 in foreign aid from fellow alliance-mates, and that's where the weird kicked in.

I approved the aid offers, and then went to pay bills/collect taxes, I was a day late collecting taxes and paying bills, but nothing extreme (busy week). I open a tab to collect taxes and click on pay bills to pay in the same tab, and click "Pay Bills" blindly and then press "Collect Taxes". The "Pay Bills" tab goes back to the My Nation screen and it says "YOU MUST PAY BILLS! YOU LAST PAID <date>". Then I go to the other tab for collect taxes and some error occurs with a red exclamation point claiming the action I tried to take was void. Whatever, and after 3 more attempts to pay my bills (all unsuccessful), I notice I'm still at $6,000,000. I never received the $6,000,000 in aid.

After a bit of a waiting game, I finally am able to collect taxes and pay bills, and I wait until tomorrow to see if my money comes in. It doesn't.


That's my current Aid list, I'm missing a $3,000,000 received from someone else, as it purged recently due to expiration (it was tech trade related), but I haven't spent a cent of my money except on bills, which means by that proof I should have at least $9,000,000, but no, I'm still at $6,000,000. What happened? >_>

To be exact, after TODAY'S tax collection and bill paying, I have...

"Current Euros Available: $6,578,824.50 (Surplus)"

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