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Hello, thanks for taking the time to read our thread. I hope you enjoy what you read here, and consider applying.

The Facts:

  • We are an orange team alliance.
  • We work on the 3 leader system, called our "Trinate".
  • We have a protectorate with The Order of Righteous Nations.
  • We are home to some of the most prestigious names of CN.

Our Current Government:

Trinate of Foreign Affairs: Chief4Real

Trinate of Internal Affairs: Tungsten

Trinate of Defence: Impero

Deputy of Foreign Affairs: Rayvon

Deputy of Internal Affairs: Logan

Deputy of Defence: Dukenukem1650

What you will get:

  • Protection, in return for loyalty.
  • Financial aid, in return for pledged military service.
  • A strong, tight-knit community.

We pride ourselves on our members. We know each other, we like each other, and we help and support each other, with problems they might have, no matter what. We become genuine friends. We also pride ourselves on our statistical prowess, with solid stats for a small alliance, and the potential for a lot more:

  • We have strong recruiters (California King gained at least 5 applicants in his first day)
  • Strict application reviewers (Logan and Tungsten have an uncanny knack for picking the best of those who apply)
  • Outstanding growth programmes (Our longest standing players' experience is key in our goal for high efficiency ratings)
  • A brilliant defence team (Almost literally half our alliance have served in the Defence departments of alliances - I myself was MoD at 2 small alliances, Chief4Real, former MoD for the Viridian Entente, and various Military Leaders and other formers MoD's in alliances.)
  • A generous financial backing (many of our nations are in the top ranks of the game, and have the ability to send our reams of money to loyal and productive members.)

I only ask what more do you want? Give is a try, and see if you qualify for one of the most outstanding new alliances in Digiterra.



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