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Hey, do you love Star Wars? Have you always wanted to be in an alliance dedicated to Star Wars? Are you older and sad that IAA is gone? Then Star Wars Republic Alliance is the alliance for you.

Everything is based off the Old Republic. You can be a Jedi Master, or own your own clone army (or sign up to be someone else's clone army). You are automatically part of the Galactic Senate, where you get to decide basically every matter that is presented to the alliance. Or if you're extra special, you may even get to become the Supreme Chancellor! It's all up to you.

And the best part is the alliance is new, so you'll have no competition in gaining whatever spot you want. The alliance is short on members at the moment, so the government spots are fresh and open for anyone to get into.

We are a green alliance where everyone is friendly and you get trades very easily. Here is our Galactic Constitution.

The Galactic Constitution of the Star Wars Republic Alliance

I. Preamble

We, the humble peoples of the Star Wars Republic Alliance, do hereby pledge our loyalty to the Light Side, to the alliance, and to our honor. May the Force be with the alliance, and may the dark side never bring us down.

II. Membership

A. Members of the Star Wars Republic Alliance (SWRA) will hereafter be known as Citizens. Citizens will be given view of all Senate meetings, as well as Supreme Court meetings. Citizens will also be given complete protection by the SWRA, and must do the same for fellow Citizens.

B. Citizens must always oppose raiders or rogues, hereafter referred to as the Dark Side. Any direct disobedience against the alliance will result in a crimes against civilization trial and possible expulsion

III. Executive branch

A. The Supreme Chancellor will be elected for a 4-month term by the Senate. After being elected, he may serve for as long as he desires, or until a vote of 'No Confidence' is cast against him, in which case the Senate will decide his fate.

B. The Supreme Chancellor has the authority to call an Extraordinary Session of the Senate once a month. An Extraordinary Session involves an issue that the Supreme Chancellor may bring up, such as corruption of one of his office members. Unused Extraordinary Sessions do not carry over into the next month. The Supreme Chancellor is also the Chief Executive of the alliance; he may appoint deputies as he pleases, create offices under the Executive Branch and determine how the Executive Branch is run. He is also commander-in-chief of the Republic Army, and the Chief of State.

C. The Vice Chair is appointed by the Supreme Chancellor, and serves at the pleasure of the Supreme Chancellor.

D. The Vice Chair is the head of Senate, and shall moderate and run Senate sessions.

E. The Staff Aide is appointed by the Supreme Chancellor, and serves at the pleasure of the Supreme Chancellor.

F. The Staff Aide is responsible for: addressing the public on behalf of the Supreme Chancellor, helping organize the Supreme Chancellor's schedules, meeting with other figures on behalf of the Supreme Chancellor, taking notes on the Supreme Chancellor's meetings and ideas, and helping the Supreme Chancellor form policy.

G. The General is appointed by the Supreme Chancellor, and serves at the pleasure of the Supreme Chancellor.

H. The General is in charge of the Republic Army, and is responsible for the training of all Citizens in the ways of warfare.

I. The Trade Commissioner is appointed by the Supreme Chancellor, and serves at the pleasure of the Supreme Chancellor.

J. The Trade Commissioner is responsible for all financial affairs in the Republic, including tech dealing, trade setup, and nation building.

K. The Internal Affairs Commissioner is appointed by the Supreme Chancellor, and serves at the pleasure of the Supreme Chancellor.

L. The Internal Affairs Commissioner is responsible for the recruitment of new Citizens, the education of all Citizens, and all internal projects.

IV. Legislative Branch

A. The duties of the Galactic Senate will be as follows: to vote on legislation, to elect the next Supreme Chancellor, to be the main mediator in all internal and foreign affairs, and to take the place of the Supreme Court in high-profile or extremely controversial cases such as trying Citizens for treason, corruption and/or treason of the Supreme Chancellor, or crimes against civilization (a nation's betrayal of the alliance).

B. The Galactic Senate shall consist of all Citizens of the Republic.

V. Judicial Branch

A. The duties of the Supreme Court will be as follows: to serve as the main court, as a determiner of constitutional legality, and to determine the cases involving the highest politicians and most noteworthy people in the Republic.

B. The Supreme Court shall consist of three justices, one of whom will be Chief Justice. These justices will be chosen by the presiding Supreme Chancellor, and will serve until their resignation, their removal of office, or the removal/resignation of the Supreme Chancellor.

VI. Jedi Order

A. The Jedi Grandmaster shall be the chief of the Jedi Order, and the first Grandmaster shall be appointed by the Supreme Chancellor

B. The Jedi Grandmaster may appoint Jedi Knights and Jedi Padawans as he or she sees fit.

C. The Jedi shall serve as guardians of peace and justice in the Republic, and they shall work with the Supreme Court to maintain justice and order.

D. The Jedi shall serve as diplomats and representatives of the senate.

E. The Jedi shall lead the Republic Army in times of war.

VII. Clone Army

A. The main army for the Star Wars Republic Alliance shall be the Clone Army, also known as the Republic Army. They shall be commanded by the Jedi at all times, and will consist of anyone who wants to sign up.


A. The Star Wars Republic Alliance will hereby be a peaceful alliance. The Jedi shall only be used as a peacekeeping force between members or alliances. The Republic Army will only be used in defense, and will not be used in any aggression of any sort.

B. The Star Wars Republic Alliance recognizes any pacts made with other alliances, as these would be the only other cause for entering a war. However, the war must follow the following guidelines:

  • The cause must be just. We will not fight our brethren in any way, as that would be unjust.
  • The allied alliance must request it. If our friends do not wish us war, then we will agree. They must first ask us to join before we make any decisions.
  • The Galactic Senate must have at least 3/4 vote before entering a war. Anything less will result in the SWRA not joining in the requested war.

IX. Amendment

A. The Galactic Constitution is hereby considered sacred, and will be defended by the Jedi Order. Any changes requested must be valid, and must receive a unanimous vote within the Senate to be approved.

B. The Star Wars Republic Alliance will be more lenient on add-ons, hereafter to be known as amendments. They must still be valid, but must only receive 3/4 vote to be added. Amendments must not contradict the Galactic Constitution in any way, or even involve a current part of the Constitution, but must be separate in of itself to be called for a vote.

Other info:

Our Forums

Our Wiki

Our IRC: #swra on Coldfront

If you want to apply, then go to our forums and sign up there, or message me and I'll give you more info.

EDIT: We are also looking for old/large nations that can help distribute money to new nations. If you can dish out $1 mil to any new nation that wants to join, you are more than welcome to join. Also, if you do join and are large enough to dish out $1 mil easily, then you will be given the government position of your choice.

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