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The Invisible Soldier Glitch!


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diminox: Elephant Island


Attacking Ruler: General Diminox

Defending Ruler: cancersticks

Deployed Soldiers: 0 Defending Soldiers: 0

Deployed Tanks: 0 Defending Tanks: 0

Attacking Technology: 290.18

Defending Technology: 76.61

Attacking Infrastructure: 1,430.81

Defending Infrastructure: 94.54

Attacking Land Area: 289.855

Defending Land Area: 899.851

Attacking DEFCON: [DEFCON 5 - Normal peacetime military readiness.]

Defending DEFCON: [DEFCON 1 - Maximum military readiness.]

Attacking Money: $650,313.35

Defending Money: $18,767.60

Battle Odds: 100% Chance of Victory

Battle Odds: 0% Chance of Victory

You cannot attack Filth at this time because their battle odds are at 0% and are not high enough to fight your forces. The government of Filth has just been sent into Anarchy due to their lack of security forces. Riots engulf the nation of Filth as your soldiers relax and enjoy their victory. Your raiding party has destroyed all defending tanks within Filth and destroyed 3.83 technology, 18.91 infrastructure, and $563.03 money.

diminox: look carefully

diminox: 0 deployed soldiers

diminox: 18.91 infra destroyed!

diminox: ahahaha

diminox: I love glitches

Snakexdude11: wtfh

Snakexdude11: legally, you're supposed to report that to admin

Snakexdude11: but that's why you don't see negative infra anymore

diminox: yeah haha

diminox: I thought negative infra was roflarious

diminox: ahh

diminox: I'll tell admin

Snakexdude11: might give you an award

Snakexdude11: don't ask for one, though

diminox: ooh

diminox: ok

Snakexdude11: he might admin bomb you

diminox: O.o

diminox: is that like being deleted?

Snakexdude11: i don't even know

Snakexdude11: worse case scenario would be like

diminox: maybe you ZI instantly and loose all tech

Snakexdude11: admin changes setting for 5 minutes

Snakexdude11: nuke, bombing run, bombing run, cruise missile, cruise missile, agg. ground assault, agg. assault

Snakexdude11: tweak settings, repeat

Snakexdude11: give himself extra sattelites for 5 minutes

Snakexdude11: he's hitting you with cruise missiles doing 100 damage each because

Snakexdude11: he's got like 25 sattelites

diminox: holy crap

Snakexdude11: hypothetical

diminox: that's scary

Snakexdude11: then when you log in, look at your nation

Snakexdude11: 999 new messages

Snakexdude11: "WHAT THE ------- HELL!?"

Snakexdude11: View my Nation

diminox: lmao


Snakexdude11: or how 'bout this

Snakexdude11: you log in

Snakexdude11: and have -999999999 infra, -9999 miles of land, -99999 tech

Snakexdude11: and you have to rebuild from scratch

diminox: jesus christ

diminox: dude

Snakexdude11: collecting -taxes

diminox: ahahaha

Snakexdude11: but paying -bills

Snakexdude11: you lost money collecting taxes

Snakexdude11: you earn money paying bills

diminox: O.o

diminox: o.O

diminox: o.o

diminox: O.O

Snakexdude11: that's just how negative it is

diminox: this is crazy

diminox: cause it might just be possible

Snakexdude11: your bills are so negative, people are paying you to take the land off their hands

diminox: LOL

Snakexdude11: your taxes are so negative, you're paying your citizens to stay

Snakexdude11: your infra isn't even 1.0

Snakexdude11: it's negative

Snakexdude11: your buildings...

Snakexdude11: are made of your citizens

diminox: lol

Snakexdude11: holding hands and held in formation

diminox: you have holes in the ground

Snakexdude11: that's why your taxes are negative

diminox: not buildings

Snakexdude11: you're paying them to stay in place

diminox: lawl

diminox: dude this is epic

Snakexdude11: ?

diminox: I'm afraid to tell him now

Snakexdude11: what, you're at -999999 infra now?

Snakexdude11: ehheeh

diminox: ahaha

diminox: not yet

Snakexdude11: i'm still thinking about how you won a 0 vs 0 assault

Snakexdude11: empty battlefield

diminox: maybe their people destroyed the infra and tech

Snakexdude11: your side just has more guns and tanks

diminox: and burned their own money

diminox: they were so scared

diminox: "Only we can defeat us, General! Aahahaha!"

I found this just a few minutes ago, I haven't been taking advantage of this. Just doing the right thing here ;) What is an admin bomb, btw?

Edited by General Diminox
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What is an admin bomb, btw?

It's a nickname for Admin deleting your nation and putting you to the curb.

Don't sweat it. You posted the info up immediately. You don't get in trouble for discovering a glitch.

You get in trouble for repeatedly exploiting it and not telling the staff.

Hilarious chat log, btw. :D

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