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Aid Bug


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I recently sent aid to a friend of mine that I have in real life for a tech deal. I know "RL friend" automatically makes people suspicious, but, well, anyways, at first the money went through perfectly and all but then after like at least two days I believe of the initial $3million being sent, it flags it as "possible cheating" and automatically cancelled it. We do indeed live sorta close, a few miles away, in the same parish (county for non-LA people) and all, so perhaps it has something to do with our geographical closeness? We have never ever ever logged on at each other's houses. In fact, we've never even gotten on each other's computers for anything at all, which makes it all the more odd...? If it is because we live close and we can't aid each other then that is very unfortunate as she was a reliable tech seller but if it must be then so be it. I just wanted to report it in the "bug" section in case it was indeed just a bug.


rabonnobar of Calabria

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