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how much is happiness worth?


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If the base cost of i happiness is $2.00 if i addes multipllyers like banks would it be-

£2.00*1.05*1.05*1.07*1.07 = $2.5245045

if not can somoene say whats wrong

edit- i have 2 banks and 2 schools

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Happiness is worth everything. If you weren't attempting to become happy, you'd be doing something else, right? So, everything is the answer.

In terms of game, every happiness point is equal to 2 CNcurrency, before modifiers. Remember that's going to also need a x.28 at the end of it all for finding the difference it would make to your "Avg. Individual Income Taxes Paid Per Day" .. or .3, or whatever your tax rate happens to be set at.

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