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Peace Glitch.


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National Peace/War Preference - In Cyber Nations standard the National Peace/War Preference option allows you to specify whether or not you want to allow other nations to declare war on you and attack your nation or to play the game as a peaceful nation. This option is not available in Cyber Nations Tournament Edition.

Keeping your nation in peace mode for prolonged periods of time will damage your nations economy. New nations get a 7 day grace period when in peace mode to allow them to learn the game without receiving any economy bonus. If you nation is older than 7 days and you remain in peace mode for more than:

4 days = -3 population happiness

6 days = -5 population happiness

8 days = -6 population happiness

10 days = -7 population happiness

12 days = -8 population happiness

14 days = -9 population happiness

There is also an additional economic penalty on top of the population happiness penalty if your nation is in peace mode for more than 5 days. A nation in peace mode may not send foreign aid, however it will be allowed to continue to receive foreign aid. In order to exit peace mode nations are required to collect taxes on the day that they wish to change out of peace mode.

Cyber Nations is a game that incorporates the ability to wage war against other nations. You can declare war on anyone as long as 1) they are not designated as a peaceful nation and 2) they are within the 50% - 200% ration of your strength range.

The part in bold is most likely what's causing this. If this isn't the case, then it very well may be a glitch..

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