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Majestic Order of Orange Nations

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Greetings from the MOON,

If you are reading this thread you are probably wondering why this alliance would be the best for you and not some other alliance. Thus this thread will hopefully give you some background information and hopefully give you some reasons as to why this might be a good fit for you.

The Majestic Order of Orange Nations is based on the Orange team and was founded September 9th, 2007. Throughout its history MOON has maintained a high average NS and low membership count attesting to its status as a small elite group of players. MOON's government consists of an Emperor and Imperial Regent (Foreign Affairs) as well as three elected Imperial Staff (Military Operations, Economics and Internal Affairs). Currently, MOON has about 55 members and 1.1 Million Nation Strength keeping an average of 20,000 strength per nation. MOON has strong ties to the orange sphere with it's signature on both the Orange Unity Treaty (PIAT) and League of Extraordinary Oranges treaty (MDoAP). With strong membership and strong allies this is one of the up and coming alliances in CN.

Reason Why This Alliance May Be Right For You?

1. Our small membership base allows for newer members to learn very quickly from our more experienced alliance members. It also allows for those members to rise quickly through the ranks finding themselves in leadership positions quicker then most alliances.

2. Our up-to-date guides on everything in the game allow you to learn quickly on how to build your nation in the most efficient manner. At MOON we pride ourselves on the education and quick learning curve of our members.

3. Our state of the art banking programs allow for members to receive aid quickly and grow very large very quickly. There is no delay and you can be receiving as much as 15 million per 10 days within a week to grow into one of our bank nations.

4. Our very friendly but small membership allows for everyone to know everyone. We pride ourselves on being a small group of gamers that enjoy playing together thus making friends becomes very easy.

5. Our strong allies and large nations allow you to be protected very easily. This coupled with the fact that MOON is a mostly defensive alliance will keep your nation safe and secure.

Interested in Joining? Send in your application today at -- MajesticNations.com

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I'll bump this topic up. They seem like really nice people (I just joined btw =p). So if your looking for an alliance, look no further!

I was right in my choice. This is one of the best alliances in the game! I highly recommend anyone looking for an alliance to join this one. They have everything that you could possibly ask for in an alliance.

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