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The Glorious R&R Alliance


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Charter, Treaties, Current Government and more!


Hello Honored Members of Planet Bob. Some of you may be asking yourself. What Meanz R&R? Well i invite you to stop by our forums and find out. R&R has been an established alliance For over a year now. Don't let our smaller size fool you. The majority R&R consists of our founding members from back in the olden days, lol. And of course the new members who join R&R every single day. This shows our ability to stay united, and prosper in the Cyberverse. R&R is a group of friends first, a community second and an alliance last. Together we stand strong, united we prosper, this is the R&R way!

R&R Is A Proud Orange Team Member

Orange Unity FTW!

R&R was created based on the R&R forums of Americas Army, Special Forces. The Official Game of the the United States Army. If you want to check it out.. here it is!

Americas Army, check it out

And this is the just the beginning. Many of our members are avid gamers. Fans of others awesome games such as Omerta, Counterstrike and many others. There is never a dull moment in R&R, thats for sure

Well then.. lets get to the core of what R&R is really about. Not only do our members mean everything to use... but here in R&R, our friends are just as important. If you are a member of another alliance, and would like to get to know us better, here are our Embassy Forums.

Embassy Forums

And for those who belong to the ever popular, yet severely limited "none" alliance.. i think R&R can be of some assistance. All new R&R nations are eligible for aid packages ranging from 200k to over a million!

But most importantly.. if you are a veteran CN nation looking for a fresh start. We offer plenty of other options for you. After all.. if you made it this far, you deserve an alliance that will look out for you, as well as a friendly place to call home. And since R&R is a Democratic alliance, the more experience and input you have, the more you can help make a difference. Its that simple, come join the family. You wont be disappointed.

Now then.. bare with me! I gotta take care of some of the basics for all those rookies out there. Log into your nation and follow these simple directions

1. All Nations under 1,000 NS please change to orange team. All nations over 1,000 NS.. you are free to stay your current team color (thought we do strongly urge you to change to help us get you the very best trades)

2. Now here is the fun part! Get ready to change your alliance affiliation...

3. Put "RnR Applicant" as your Alliance Affiliation We are R&R But the search feature doesn't allow the &. "RnR Applicant" assures you that your nation will be protected while you wait to be accepted into R&R.

Now lets not forget the R&R alliance forums! Once you edit your alliance affiliation, now its time to visit our forums and sign up for R&R membership. Woot!

Apply Here

^^^ Click this link, register your name as your CN nation or ruler name and post an application. Simply visit the sticky/pinned instruction for applying. Find the application form. Cut, paste and fill it out and you are good to go.

R&R currently has 190 members. And we are looking to hit 200. Come join us today and become one of the very best that Cybernations has to offer!

Not only is R&R a great alliance to belong to. But our extensive forums, active IRC, and great members, makes R&R the perfect choice for anyone who wants to give CN a try.

Join today and work your way to the top. We have elections, aid chains, tech deals, spam forums, game forums, IRC insanity, and we just have fun. So don't miss out! Activity, fun, friendship, these are the things that make R&R the perfect choice for any nation. So come check us out :wub:


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lol.. nice!

Welcome to R&R's brand spankin new recruitment thread. Heck.. R&R pwns.. we don't NEED this.. lol

Its simply here to let the rest of planet bob know that we are always watching, we are always active and waiting, and you never know.. maybe someone in here will see the light and come join us!


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We broke 150 members a few days ago. We now stand at 156.. with many more to come. I predict we will have 160 members and over 1.2 million NS by the end of the weekend. We are growing at at a pretty impressive rate. Especially considering we havn't even had a new recruitment blitz in a while, lol

Well then.. onward towards 200 members and 2 million NS!!

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The government is like amazing. I've been here a very short time, and wow 6 mil in aid.

Thats just the beginning Bongo. Active members are never short on aid. Hell some members who have been in R&R.. for a little over 2 months are now over 20k NS. Activity is key, and friendship is everything in R&R.

btw.. 176 members!

Thats 30 new members in just over 2 weeks. R&R is going places, and we welcome you to join us.

And if you are a friend of R&R, post your support here. And i will return the favor.


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