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A Two player Situation


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Okay, here's my situation. I have access to 2 Internet connections. One, on my laptop, the other my family computer. I use both, and my brother just made his own account on my laptop, and I thought there was stable way for two players to play on one IP.

I, Verithmus of the nation Outer Belka, now know this is not the case, and need to know if I or my Brother, who is known as King John Philos VI of the nation Epsilon Lyrae, are at risk of being banned.

I now plan to use the family computer to play, and he will play on mine.

If there is any way I can prove to you that I am not attempting to break the rules by making two accounts, Please tell me Immediatly. I have come to enjoy playing this game and being a part of this community, and wish to continue to do so.


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I know that now. I should clarify what I meant. My brother is now playing on my laptop(one network), one that up until now, I have played on, While I am now playing on our family computer(a separate network). what I am Asking is: Can we both now play this even though I have previosly played on the network he now uses? Or will we now be Banned?

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To be safe, I wouldn't.

Even though you no longer use that computer, it's still linked to you because you HAVE used it before. The game doesn't keep track of "Well, this user doesn't log in on that IP anymore", all it sees is "Hey, there are two different nations that have been accessed by this IP".

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