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America's Army


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America's Army is a new alliance that was just recently established. We are looking for some good active members, and we have some very good positions open, including one General position (highest in the alliance). We are in the process of making treaties with several alliances as well; if you live in America and are a military type of person (or even if your not) this is a great alliance for you. So once again we are looking to fill in some govt spots, with numerous positions open.

Our motto: Mess with the best, die like the rest.

Our team color: Blue

(And no, this was not created based on that crappy PC video game called America's Army...)

Here is a link to our forums: America's Army, and here is our Charter:

Article I. Introduction

America’s Army was built as an alliance to help its members survive, prosper, and to protect it’s members in times of war. We will do all we can to solve issues diplomatically before turning to war. We expect that our members and our allies help one another and participate in anything the alliance calls upon them to do, and in turn we shall do the same for our allies. We believe our members have certain freedoms, and we reserve the right to protect these freedoms:

1. The freedom to live peacefully in the cyberverse.

2. The freedom of speech.

3. The freedom to engage in activities with diplomats, and to make and break ties with diplomats.

Article II. Admission, Expulsion

i. Gaining Membership

To gain entry you must meet these requirements:

You must not be in any current wars.

You must not be aiding any enemy of America’s Army.

You must not be on an alliance’s perma ZI list.

You must do all you can to help other members survive and prosper when we call upon you.

You must be willing to fight for us when the time comes.

ii. Resignation, Expulsion

Any members wishing to leave America’s Army must first post an official resignation. Anyone who does not comply is subject to meet with our terms of force.

Any member who does not obey this charter, acts consistently in a foolish manner, or for any other reason a General deems necessary can and will be expelled by the alliance, if 2/3 of the Generals and ½ the Majors agree.

Article III. Leadership of America’s Army

The leadership is generally the most experienced, wise, and favored members of the alliance. There are three primary leaders of this alliance, the Generals. The Generals are assisted by other members called Majors. Next there are the Colonels, a position commonly referred to as minister in other alliances.

i. Three Generals

The Generals are the supreme leaders of the alliance, either by being one of the founders (which can be removed), or voted in by election. They are usually more experienced or wise players, who simply decide issues and lead the alliance during both peace and war. Generals can resign from office, or be impeached by a 2/3 majority vote.

ii. Three Colonels

The Colonels, commonly known as ministers in other alliances, are members who specialize in one specific, important area of the alliance. There is a one Colonel for internal affairs, one for recruitment, and one for foreign affairs; each Colonel leads said area along with his staff if he/she has decided to create one. Colonels are usually appointed into position by a General.

iii. Six Majors

The majors are also experienced or skilled players of Cyber Nations, who act as advisors to the three Generals and help decide alliance issues. Majors can be appointed into position by Generals, or elected into position by members.

iv. Captains

Captains are experienced/dedicated or skilled members in the area of warfare in Cyber Nations.

Each Captain will lead one, or possibly multiple military battalions into battle during war, and keep each battalion updated during times of peace. Captains are usually appointed by Generals, or Majors.

v. Sergeants

Sergeants serve under Captains; they act as the right hand man of a their Captain, as well as lead squads into battle. Sergeants are appointed by a Captain.

vi. Delta Force

America’s Army’s elite strike force, it is the tip of our military spear. They will strike first and most effectively in alliance wars, and are the ones we send in to do “ghost busting.”

vii. Specialized Personnel

Specialized Personnel are those that serve as support staff/assistants to the Colonels. They include Recruitment officers, and Foreign Affairs Officers.

viii. Enlisted Soldier

The basic rank that one recieves after joining the alliance; it is your basic “member” and is the lowest rank in the alliance, but let us not forget that every member counts.

Article IV. War

i.Alliance Wars

War becomes necessary when all diplomatic attempts to resolve an issue fail. We will defend our members and our allies when the time comes, and we expect the same from both our members and allies.

Alliance wars will only happen when all other attempts at peace fail, and can only be declared by America’s Army if at least two of the three Generals agree, or if one General as well as four of the six Majors agree. Alliance wars can never be declared if none of the Generals agree, even if all six Majors do.

They must be well coordinated attacks, and members mustn’t show mercy. Wait until the leadership says the time is right to attack, and never declare peace unless granted by one of the Generals.

ii. Tech Raiding

We promote tech raiding, as it is a good way to gain experience when a real war comes, and you get bonus tech. However, thou shall not tech raid unless these conditions are met:

1) The nation must be unaligned.

2) The attacking nation must understand that they will most likey receive no or little help from America’s Army, unless an emergency is at hand, in which said nation must later pay back the releif aid sent to him/her from the alliance.

Use any form of attacks you wish, but as soon as the other nation offers peace, accept it; there is not point to continue warring in a tech raid if the enemy is no longer willing to fight.

Any unauthorized attacks can, and will result in harsh punishment, and sometimes even expulsion from the Army.

iii. War Aid

If severe losses are sustained in the heat of battle, the application for war aid is needed. Apply in the War Relief forum. Absolutely NO war aid will be given if the war was either:

A. Unauthorized

B. A tech raid (except in cases of emergency)

Article V. Peace Time

In times of peace, the alliance is not at war with, on the edge of war with, or in a feud with any other alliance; no member shall attack another alliance, unless it is an authorized tech raid, "ghost busting", or helping an allie deal with a target. Peace is the time for growth and prosperity, and it is something we try to maintain in America’s Army.

The only acts of violence one may make in times of peace are tech raids, which must first be cleared by your Battalion Captain.

Article VI. Power To The People!

Although being ruled by leadership, America’s Army frequently makes decisions based on the people’s voice rather than just the Generals’ and Majors’ decision alone. We always try to give everyone a chance to be heard on current issues by voting. All members are important, and your thoughts and votes count! "Ask not what your alliance can do for you, but what you can do for your alliance." Power to the people!

Article VII. The General Assembly

The general assembly, consisting of all members, is the corps of our alliance. They must swear to uphold this oath:

I, (yournamehere), understand and will obey the charter and be loyal to America’s Army. I will fight for, and uphold our alliance views, and will work to make America’s Army a better and more diverse alliance. In return I will be rewarded with protection, money, tech, allies, and the right to be here in this alliance. We will have a voice when it comes to the alliance elections and suggestions for the alliance policies and descisions.

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Bump! What are you guys about?

Well King Sir Burns I think I described it as best I could in my first post, what we're about is being a military based alliance that protects its members like any other alliance :P

Did I read it incorrect or did you actually say that the top position in your alliance is open?

You read correct, the top position of General is to have 3 members, currently there are 2 so there is one spot left.

Also great to have you in the alliance Joffrey!

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Americas Army is what I joined and it is where im staying. make ur own thread trying to recuit people and stop using others.

nobody's trying to recruit you so settle down

the main thing that aarow is awfully similar to the name of a former of ours

also, the original core cadre of our alliance came from America's Army

and, as such, prob'ly didn't appreciate your little crack about

"that crappy PC game"

I see you have 7 nations now


good luck

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