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The Aquatic Brotherhood

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Become Aqua Ascendant!


The Aquatic Brotherhood

"Unity in Aqua, Strength in Brotherhood"

The TAB Factbook can be found here

Our forums, here

The Aquatic Brotherhood is a proud alliance built on principles of Aqua Unity (having been one of the founding members of the Aqua sphere itself), elitist yet democratic processes and a commitment to making our brotherhood and the brothers in it prosperous, strong and respected throughout Planet Bob. Our brotherhood is currently undertaking a massive improvement project to build the Aqua sphere into the premier sphere within Planet Bob, working with our fellow Aquatic alliances. This forms our tripartite Aquatic Ascendancy Project. Phase III has commenced, which will entail an increase of our average NS of 25K (currently at 22K), a nuclear weapon count of 150 by October 12, 2008 (all minimums, by the way!). We've already sent out almost a billion dollars in aid since our AAP began! Some alliances would only dream of such amounts! Not only that, but we recently reached 1,000,000 NS almost a month ahead of schedule!

Not only that, but full near-bank members are boosted with $21 Million over 15 days in our Aquatic Ascendancy Boosts. Larger nations have tech subsidized by our superbank system! We also have regular Technical Ascendancy tech deals running every 10 days (1st, 11th and 21st of each month) New members get $3M bonuses every 10 days when they participate! Our Growth and Finance Ministries are working over time to ensure our banks are getting tech, our farmers are selling and those in-between are given the aid they need.

We have direction, we have goals and close-knit relationships much like a family does. We have a tenacious and friendly spirit that other alliances clamor for. We want committed individuals who have a zest for the game and want to see it played properly and to have a bit of fun while we're at it.

When you join, you'll become part of the Aqua team family, which includes our loyal connections with the Aquatic Ascendancy Treaty (with tR and Zenith), the Mostly Harmless Alliance, NATO and our pink brothers The Centurion Brotherhood. Our top-level communications with the leaders of CAFE (Cybernations Aqua Forums for Economics) working with our ever diligent Growth Ministry will make sure you're in the best trade circle in no time!

Our leadership is progressive, forward thinking and experienced. We encourage and cultivate new ways of playing the game. In addition to that, we also give you expert advice in our one-on-one TAB Mentoring Program, that will nurture your nation with our wisdom.

Our system of government ensures everyone gets a say and has an equal opportunity to succeed and reach the top - either diplomatically, politically, militarily or financially. We make sure all of our brothers are Aqua Ascendant, and we ensure that they stay that way. Our creed is that when we help you, we all help one another towards ascendancy.

What Triumvir of Finance and founding member Crushtania has to say about TAB and its ideals:

I have been [at TAB] from the start and I regard my brothers as family. Brothers, past and present are still family... I believe that TAB is more than an alliance, it is a family. And you never turn your back on family - no matter how grim the circumstances are - you merely strive harder to overcome your obstacles. That is way TAB operates; that is the TAB spirit. I do not believe there is another alliance like it.

Ask yourself - do you want to become Aqua Ascendant? Then join us today!

Achievement is good - Ascendancy is truly great!

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