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unnecessary filitering


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This was my post

1. Makes the game more fun (ZE WAR HUNGRIEZ)

2. How else do you expect tech raiders to get tech, I mean its not like they can buy it dry.gif (Sarcasm)

3. Adds realism

4. Crush the people you are mad at. Settle arguments. See who is stronger

5. The proudness of Anarching/ZIing/watching someone elses nation BURN

6. So NP/pO can destroy alliances (o/)

7. If you don't want war join !@#$%*.

At the filter part I wanted to say (please excuse the filter evasion only for this purpose) n.a.t.i.o.n.s.t.a.t.e.s

why is that filtered. I dont wanna look like I am flamebaiting

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