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Money Tech Scams


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Someone sent me 800 000$ to buy 50 tech and return it to him; now i am disadvantaged because the money required for future tech for me is now at the starting level of 27 000$

He claims that in 10 days the price returns to the original 10 000$ once I send the tech to him since i wouldn't have any tech left

My question is is he lying; i feel highly suspicious and won't send the tech until someone could please explain to me the situation

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The more tech you have, the more expensive it is to buy.

So, buying from 0-50 tech costs X amount. If you send the tech to someone (so you now have 0 tech), rebuying 0-50 tech will still cost X amount.

This is why people engage in tech deals, because for a large nation with, for example, 2000 tech, it would cost several million to buy just 50 tech.

So, he would send a small nation some money, and have the small nation send him the tech. The large nation get really cheap tech. and the small nation gets alot of money.

Long story short, he isn't lying. The cost of the tech will return to the original price once you are at 0 tech.


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It works as Learz descripted, cost to buy tech is based on how much tech you have at the time you buy it. I couldn't locate your nation to check since your forum name doesn't match your nation or ruler name (a violation of forum rules, might want to get that fixed), but unless you have a number of modifiers to lower the cost of tech, you cannot make a profit at $800,000 since it costs a base ~$821k to buy 50 tech from zero without modifiers. If you're going to start selling tech, you might want to do so with someone else willing to pay closer to the current market price of $1.5 million for 50 tech.

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