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Event Error?

Epsilon Republic

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Well I was 4 days inactive waiting to collect taxes after update, when I just noticed my nation had already collected taxes. I know that I wouldn't have collected taxes because I'm currently in anarchy and have 5 Guerrilla Camps and in Defcon 1. I was waiting until after update to collect taxes when I happened to notice just now my nation already collected taxes.

Prior to this, I paid my bills a couple hours ago and was on my merry way. About an hour after paying my bills I received an event which I thought was odd since it's usually instantly after paying bills.


Upon further inspection I realized my nation now had much more money than I had before. So I checked to see if I could could collect taxes and couldn't. My best guess as to why this happened is that its a glitch with the updated events (since this is my first even since the update). I'm positive I didn't collect taxes and I'm pretty sure I wasn't hacked. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Nation Name: Epsilon Republic

Nation Ruler: Sigma

Nation Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=142862

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Looking at the game archive someone from your network logged in to the game at 7:31.45 PM game time and collected taxes. In the past people have had this issue when they went to pay bills and clicked on the wrong link and collected taxes instead. Either this is what happened to you or someone who has access to your computer is playing a prank on you.

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